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Session 47 - The Hunt

General Summary

19 Lamashan (Oct), 4720   The Saviors of Sandpoint discussed their options as far as what their next move might be. They knew that Mokmurian and his army was a threat that needed to be addressed, but the Bloodsworn was out there and could be trouble as well. They checked some maps and knew they had to go to the Storval Stairs. From there, they could head directly east into the Iron Peaks and the Valley of the Black Tower where they would find Jorgenfist and Mokmurian. Quilith ┬áhad knowledge of Thassalonian history so he was invited to accompany the party.   But as they were finalizing their plans, an idea struck them. They knew the Bloodsworn had gone to Riddleport. If Kumiko teleported them to Riddleport, they could see if the Bloodsworn were there and deal with them. After that, it would be a much shorter trip to the Storval Stairs if they departed from Riddleport rather than Sandpoint. So with a quick cast, the heroes left for Riddleport.   Making a sudden appearance in the marketplace gained the attention of some gendarmes, but a quick "purchase of their time" alleviated any further escalation. They guided the heroes to the port. Kilgor beat a pickpocket unconscious along the way without breaking stride. The dwarven harbormaster gave the heroes directions to the ship The Bloodsworn. The parties in question were not on the ship, but the first mate told them that they had gone to "look for some magic stuff." There were only two places that could take them - the Cypher Lodge or Maly's Wondrous Vault.   The magic shop was the first stop. The others stayed outside while Kumiko went inside to look around. A young girl was working behind the counter and told Kumiko that an odd man and an orc had been there hours earlier looking for information. She sent them to the Cypher Lodge.   At the Cypher Lodge compound, the party was led to the library area. Kilgor immediately noticed Xuk standing behind a row of shelves. He launched himself at the orc with the others, and guards, following suit. One of the Bloodsworn tried to draw a gun but found himself unable to pull it, or his dagger, from their sheathes. Doran noticed the Saviors approaching and casually withdrew from the conflict. Guards grabbed everyone and led them to the exit of the building.   Once outside, both parties were surrounded by a dozen guards with spears drawn. Elias Tammerhawk stepped out of the complex and demanded to know what was going on. The general conflict was outlined, and Elias didn't seem interested in details. He suggested that the two parties settle their issue at Zincher's Arena and make some money. He told the Bloodsworn to get two more members to balance the teams, and told both teams not to try and leave town.   However, before the two groups parted ways, Kilgor heard a faint whimper from Xuk's satchel. Elias told him to produce the source of the sound, and Xuk pulled out a beagle puppy. When Xuk announced that the dog was simply a snack for later, Kilgor took ownership of it. Regal the Beagle was now safe.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
10 Jul 2022