Session 44 - Sandpoint Invasion Part 2

General Summary

Upon seeing Deathwing sitting atop Sandpoint Garrison, Kumiko, Mite, and Kilgor had a shared memory flashback that hinted to the history of the construct. Gallious cast an animate dead spell on the dire bears and instructed them to obey Truett. Truett was then sent back to their manor (Haven) to keep it safe.   Sheriff Hemlock quietly instructed his men to put out nearby fires while keeping an eye on the dragon. Across the street at Town Hall, Suljik ushered townfolk into the building to hide in the cellar. All the while, Deathwing simply sat atop the Garrison and observed.   Meanwhile, Kumiko and Cloud flew to the south end of Sandpoint to look for more giants. They found three who were stuffing people into large sacks and stealing what they could from shops. Kumiko chose to engage with them while Cloud returned to the group to update them on the further incursion.   Deathwing flew off, destroying the second floor of Town Hall in the process. Mayor Deverin received a nasty wound across her face, one that Suljik recognized as the one from his vision that heralded her impending death. He wanted to stay to protect her, but Mayor Deverin told him that if he wanted to keep her alive, he was to help her cousin stop that dragon.   Kumiko landed on a nearby roof and used her hex magic to disable one giant. However, she was quickly subdued and thrown in a sack with two frightened citizens of Sandpoint. Before the party could reach her, Deathwing flew overhead and used its breath weapon on the town and everyone beneath it - including the giants. The bag was burned away, as were the captured citizens. Kumiko rolled into the bushes to heal and recover.   After the Saviors arrived and dispatched the giants, they saw dark smoke coming from the manor area. Once again, Kumiko flew ahead and the others ran after her. When she located the source of the smoke, she was happy to see that it was actually the manor of Titus Scarnetti that was burning. Giants had the Scarnetti family in shackled aboard one of their wagons. That happiness soon faded when she noticed the hooded, armored figure that was there with them - Kaitos Blackmoor.   And moments later, he noticed her too.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
10 Jun 2022
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