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Session 42 - Half-Brotherly Love

General Summary

After a brief flashback that touched on the history between Kilgor and the Bloodsworn, the Saviors of Sandpoint found themselves standing in front of Brodert Quink's door. Geoff, Brodert's halfling house manager and personal assistant, told them that Brodert left earlier in the evening with Truett. Brodert was in good spirits and wanted to celebrate, so he and Truett went to the Rusty Dragon. He even gave Geoff the night off. Needless to say, Geoff was concerned about this un-Brodert-like behavior.   The heroes made their way to the Rusty Dragon. Brodert, deep in his expensive bottle of Silken Shadow imported from Nighthold, was up on stage singing with a tiefling bard. Ameiko Kaijitsu stood behind the bar and watched the performance with an amused confusion. Truett got up from the table and went to the bar. Shayliss Vinder saw the party and announced to everyone that the Saviors of Sandpoint had returned. Everyone stood up and cheered, offered drinks, and congratulated their safe return.   That's when Truett stabbed Ameiko in the throat, snapped off the blade in her neck, and quickly walked to the exit at the back of the inn.   Kumiko flew across the bar, literally, and tried to heal Ameiko. Gallious folded time around himself, Kilgor, and Jayvielle to cut off Truett's escape. Mite hopped up on a nearby table and began hurling bombs. Truett was taken to the ground before he could reach the door. Just as shadows enveloped him, his illusion dropped and revealed his true face - Tsuto Kaijitsu!   The heroes raced out the back and gave chase to Tsuto. They quickly overtook him but were surrounded by five of his River Dragon compatriots. Tsuto launched into a flurry of motion, taking Jayvielle off his feet and quickly administering a vicious beating on the normally elusive grippli. From the rooftop, Lyrie Akenja dropped a fireball on them and began a magical attack from above. But the heroes recovered and turned the tide. Tsuto was knocked unconscious, Lyrie was locked in an ice tomb and permanently blinded for good measure. Two of the River Dragons were killed, while three others surrendered. When they begged for leniency, Jayvielle allowed them to leave Sandpoint and never come back. In return, they would turn their lives around. Perhaps take up fishing or something.   Back at "The Manor", the heroes were greeted by the real Truett. Shayliss Vinder was also there, wearing a long nightshirt. Cuts and bandages were visible on her arms and legs. She looked embarrassed and awkward to be here, but Truett assured her it was all right and for her to go back to bed. He told the heroes that her situation was "complicated" but didn't elaborate at the time. After all, there was questioning to be done.   Tsuto and Lyrie were taken into the basement. Lyrie remained in the ice tomb while Tsuto was tied to a chair. Truett woke him up. Tsuto then proceeded to confess everything. The River Dragons has attacked the Bloodsworn, and both Tstuto and Lyrie was captured. Opelka and Angela, the cleric of Sarenrae, wanted to give the two a spot on the crew and utilize their abilities. Doran and Xuk wanted to kill them. Carson didn't care one way or the other. A mutiny then took place, and when it looked like Doran's side was going to win, Tsuto joined the attack and helped them. He executed the cleric and Lyrie blasted Opelka. Doran allowed the two to live, and with the few remaining River Dragons they accompanied the Bloodsworn to Magnimar. They went to Echo's Mystical Oddities, and Echo told them about Brodert. Once business was concluded in Sandpoint, Doran told them that they would be contacted should their service be needed in the future.   Tsuto told the heroes that if they tried to kill him, he would vanish. If he wanted to, he could escape. But what was the point? He could never escape the Saviors of Sandpoint. He thought that setting up operations in Ashenvale would be far enough out of the way, and still, the Saviors of Sandpoint found him. He then looked over at the frozen Lyrie and noted that she carried a bag of his toenail clippings on her. "That's messed up, right?"   Sheriff Hemlock arrived at the Manor and took Tsuto and the blind Lyrie into custody.   Late that night, as Kumiko worked to decipher the spellbook Kadrus Shieldwalker had given her, she came across a section that she did not quite understand. She rubbed her eyes, but then caught a glimpse of something that looked like the fleeting image of her patron Khaylus. "Perhaps Gallious could help," whispered the star fox before vanishing into the ether. She brought the book to Gallious, and as the two poured through the pages it became clear that what they were reading was the makings of a spell. A spell that was connected somehow to the end of time. Intrigued, they began piecing the puzzle together.

Rewards Granted

From Tsuto:
  • Belt of incredible dexterity +2
  • Cloak of resistance +1
  • Headband of inspired wisdom +2
  • Wand of mage armor (8 charges)
From Lyrie:
  • Cloak of resistance +1
  • Everburning torch
  • Scroll of Comprehend Languages
  • Scroll of Minor Image
  • Scroll of See Invisibility
  • Scroll of Sleep
  • Scroll of Whispering Wind
  • Wand of Magic Missile (32 charges) 
  • Cloak of resistance +1
  • Small pouch of "artifacts" stolen from Tsuto Kaijitsu
  Lyrie's Spellbook:
  • 5th—feeblemind, teleport
  • 4th—dimension door, greater invisibility
  • 3rd—dispel magic, fireball, hold person
  • 2nd—blindness/deafness, invisibility, mirror image, shatter
  • 1st—burning hands, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement
  • 0th —acid splash, detect magic, prestidigitation, ray of frost

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Captured Tsuto Kaijitsu and Lyrie Akenja... again.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
16 May 2022
Primary Location

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