Session 3 - Heroes of Sandpoint

General Summary

  • At the Rusty Dragon inn, the party shared breakfast with Aldern Foxglove who gave the party 50gp for saving his life. He invited them to visit his manor in Magnimar if they ever found themselves in town.
  • Lonjiku Kaijitsu barged in and demanded to see his daughter. Ameiko Kaijitsu came out from the back and the two began a heated argument in an unknown tongue. Finally, Ameiko spat on her father's face. Enraged, Lonjiku grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her out of the Rusty Dragon. The party intervened, giving Ameiko the opportunity to brain her father with the iron ladle she held in her hand. Lonjiku released his daughter and stumbled to the door, telling her "You're as dead to me as your mother," before leaving.
  • The party sold their goods at the Sandpoint Boutique.
  • Sheriff Hemlock found the party and asked them to join him at the Boneyard, the cemetery outside the Sandpoint Cathedral. Father Zantus had been preparing for some funerals when he noticed one of the vaults had been disturbed. Rather than risking his own well-being, Father Zantus sent for the Sheriff to investigate. Being somewhat short-staffed, the sheriff called on the "Heroes of Sandpoint" to assist him.
  • The party examined the exterior of the vault and discovered a number of footprints. Six sets of goblin prints, and one set made by a larger humanoid. Kilgore opened the door to the vault and the party was attacked by two fast-moving goblin zombies. They dispatched the undead and examined the interior of the vault, finding a used up Robe of Bones (the source of the undead spawn). They also found that the sarcophagus that contained Ezakien Tobyn’s body had been opened and his remains stolen. Sheriff Hemlock asked the party not to mention that fact, as the town had been through enough and didn't need that extra bit of disturbing news. 
  • The next day, Truett purchased a book on the occult and began to research Pazuzu, a demon lord of flying creatures. There was a theory that the fire that killed Father Tobyn and his adopted daughter Nualia might have been connected to the cult of Pazuzu, which may have been associated with the mass murderer Chopper. Truett discovered that, unlike most demon lords, Pazuzu often became directly involved with the Material Plane, possessing those who got his attention and caused mayhem in his path.
  • Shayliss Vinder, daughter of Ven Vinder, asked Jayvielle if he would come to the General Store and kill a rat for her. Once there, she attempted to seduce him. Ven walked in on them and was enraged at what he saw. Jayvielle talked his way out of it and quickly fled the scene.
  • Sheriff Hemlock asked the party to join him at the Mayor's office to meet with someone who might have more information. On the way there, they met  Rosma and Ernes who were on their way to the docks. Their recruitment didn't go well so they would be leaving. They wished the party well.
  • At the mayor's office the sheriff and Kendra Deverin introduced the party to Shalelu Andosana. Shalelu had been patrolling the countryside for years, apart from a stint at Crying Leaf. She was the resident goblin hunter and in her opinion, the goblins were being united for something big. Gathering the different tribes needed the influence of a big boss. That meant trouble for everyone.
  • Sheriff Hemlock asked the party to keep an eye on the town, make their presence known. He was going to Magnimar to ask about getting some soldiers stationed in town until they had a better handle on the goblin situation. Shalelu asked to meet with the party at the Rusty Dragon for dinner, where she would tell them everything she knew about the goblin tribes involved.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
26 Oct 2020
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