Session 29 - The Golemworks Incident

General Summary

  Flush with reward money after stopping the death cult of Norgorber from assassinating Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras, Jayvielle purchased the Kaijitsu Manor from Ameiko Kaijitsu. The Saviors of Sandpoint returned to the town of Sandpoint to further establish themselves by setting up their base of operations within the manor formerly known as Kaijitsu.   But not all members made the trip. Kadrus Shieldwalker arrived at Heidmarch Manor at the suggestion of Brodert Quink to request the use of the Pathfinder Library. Kadrus asked Kumiko to assist him, which allowed him access to the library through Sheila Heidmarch. After perusing many books on Thassalonian history, Kadrus left the library to meet with some other scholars. Meanwhile, Kumiko was asked by Sheila if she, along with several pathfinders who were staying at the manor, would place guardian constructs throughout the manor. However, when the crates were opened the guardians attacked the pathfinders and set the greenhouse ablaze (according to the accounts of pathfinder Vorag).   The Venture-Captain requested that the party go to the Golemworks to find out if the guardians had been sabotaged. Once there, the party was told that the guardian constructs were manufactured by a promising artificer named Chrysalis Black. The party was sent to Black's side business, a toy shop named The Doll House, to confront Black.   At the Doll House, pathfinders Jichael Mackson and Licorice Burblesnap, along with Kumiko, tried to survey the inside of the shop while questioning an elderly storekeeper. The storekeeper turned out to be an assassin working with the Aspis Consortium. The assassin, along with four thugs, attacked the three heroes. But before the rest of the party could get inside, the assassin stabbed Jichael in the neck and killed him.   The assassin eventually surrendered when she was close to death. She admitted that Chrysalis Black was on the payroll of the Aspis Consortium. He would get information from the Golemworks for them, as well as do the occasional sabotage job, and in return, he would be paid well. But the assassin admitted that Black creeped her out. She knew he had a workshop beneath the Doll House, but didn't know what he was doing below. She heard screams coming from there and avoided Black as much as possible. Bound and helpless, with nothing further to offer, the assassin with stomped to death by the tiefling monk Velesh.   The team made their way downstairs into Black's basement lair. It was down there that they discovered the horrible truth of Chrysalis Black. As a child, he had accidentally killed his sisters which destroyed both his and his mother's sanity. After their deaths, Black would create porcelain dolls in their images and give them to his mother. That would appease her for a while, but eventually, she would shatter them and beat Black horribly. One day Black killed her and began using parts of her body to create a flesh golem, but he never bothered to complete the process.   Black's psyche was shattered. He would occasionally adopt the persona of his mother, and would keep journals written in the perspective of both mother and son. When the party eventually confronted him, Black was dressed in a grey wig and wore his mother's shawl. He had captured three other pathfinders and was using their life essences to fuel the creation of a large flesh golem. The creature, incomplete but filled with fury, fought its way out of its holding tank. But before it could attack, the creature's poorly developed lungs failed and it died moments later.   Black, however, was not so easily felled. He was still an accomplished wizard and came close to destroying the party. But a well-placed amplified fireball engaged Black's Contingency spell, which opened a dimension door and allowed him to escape.

Rewards Granted

  • Sheila Heidmarch presented the pathfinders, and Kumiko, with a mission payment of 5434gp.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
14 Oct 2021