Session 16 - The Gold Standard

General Summary

Kumiko and Gallious sent for the remaining members of the Saviors of Sandpoint to help them explore a recently discovered secret area deep beneath the Thistletop stockade. With Bordert Quink waiting behind with Thistletop's new ruler, King Glar, the party opened the secret doorway and began down the hallway.   Down a flight of stairs and through a door, the sound of sloshing water filled the room they discovered. It had almost entirely collapsed into a large tide pool. What few walls that remained intact bore detailed and impressive carvings of incredible treasuries filled to overflowing with coins, gems, jewelry, and other items of value. These images were later identified to be depictions of the mythical city of Xin-Shalast. Most scholars agreed that the city did not actually exist, but was merely a representation of something more symbolic. In this case, it represented a treasury room.   Without warning, Roglas Gorestorm exploded out of the water. In his hands, Roglas brandished a mighty stalagmite as a giant club of sorts. Most of his armor was missing, as was his battleaxe, and his exposed torso was covered with nasty bruises and welts. The Shard of Pride hung from a jade amulet around his neck. He claimed to have bested his hobgoblin accomplice Sereg, and Roglas swore to do the same to the Master after he had disposed of the party.   After a brutal battle, the mighty orc was slain. With his final breath, Roglas could only watch helplessly as his former ally Kadrus whispered something in his ear and cast a spell of Corrosive Touch, dissolving the orc's neck and head. Jayvielle recovered the Shard of Pride and kept it secured inside a waterproof bag.   Once the room had been secured, Brodert joined the party in the treasury room and helped to appraise a significant find - a giant gold helmet that measured about five feet across. Brodert suspected it to be the helm of a creature known as a Rune Giant, a creature who existed back in Thassilonian times. Brodert was confident he knew a collector who would gladly purchase the item   Back in Sandpoint, Ameiko Kaijitsu accompanied Sheriff Hemlock in transporting Ameiko's half-brother Tsuto to Magnimar. With the evidence they had in their possession, Ameiko and Hemlock believed Tsuto would end up spending the rest of his life locked away in the Hells.   Brodert invited an old associate to come and see the helmet. Torabor Gustavos was an usher from Magnimar who also happened to be a collector of Thassilon artifacts. The two had a somewhat antagonistic relationship, often conflicting with their beliefs regarding ancient Thassilon. Seeing the helmet restarted an old debate regarding the Rune Giants and their role in the fall of Thassilon. Despite this, Torabor was thrilled to see the helmet and the party was able to negotiate top dollar for it.   The Shard of Pride, however, was not for sale. Research, coupled with Kumiko's experience with it, was enough to give them the impression that the item held a curse for those not magically powerful enough to fight such an enchantment. For the time being, it was decided that the safest place for the Shard was buried deep within Grog's cave.

Rewards Granted

  • 3,500 sp
  • 630 gp
  • 40 precious stones worth 10 gp each
  • a jade amulet of natural armor +1
  • The greatest treasure was the ancient helm. The helm wasn’t solid gold (some of it was bronze) but it’s still worth 3,000 gp. After negotiations with Torabor, it was sold for 4000gp.


  • After Ameiko returned from Magnimar, she relayed to the party that the transaction was without a hitch. After arriving at Magnimar well after midnight, she and Sheriff Hemlock rode through the Alabastar District and crossed into the Capital District. Despite the late hour, they arrived at the Pediment Building and were met by four men - two guards with heavy crossbows, one Hellknight bearing the markings of the Order of the Nail, and a tall, stern-looking elf with black hair and grey eyes. Sheriff Hemlock recognized him as Justice Ironbriar and seemed pleased with the revelation. The evidence was handed over, as was Tsuto, and Justice Ironbriar took him into custody. 
  • Two weeks after purchasing the helmet, Torabor Gustavos invited Brodert and the party to join them in Magnimar for a dinner party where he intended to unveil the helmet. He hoped the party (and Brodert of course) could share the story of its recovery with his guests. They were all welcome to stay at his villa as his guests.
Rise of the Runelords
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21 Mar 2021
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