Session 14 - Cleanup on Aisle Two

General Summary

    Having vanquished the demon Malfeshnicor and slain Nualia, the Saviors of Sandpoint had completed their mission to prevent the invasion and wholesale slaughter of the town of Sandpoint. However, not wanting to leave any stone unturned, the party decided that they would complete their exploration of the underground complex after they had rested and recovered for the day's trials. The heroes returned to the surface with the restrained and unconscious Lyrie Akenja. After locking her in a burned-out shed filled with the dead sharkenbear creature they had fought earlier, they barricaded themselves in Warchief Ripnugget's bedroom for some much-needed rest. Some celebratory spirits were had, some more than others. Sleep came for everyone, and for some that sleep came with disturbing dreams. The next morning found some of the heroes a bit more rested than others. Truett was still in rest mode, having discovered an extra bottle of wine somewhere in the room and continued his own celebrations well into the night.   As the group prepared to continue their exploration, the elven arcanist Kadrus heard a heavy banging sound. The party geared up and went to the front doors of the stockade to see who it was that had come knocking. The company was the Warbound, searching for their stolen property. The tiefling Magdalena did most of the talking for the Warbound, while their leader Roglas Gorestorm fumed behind them. Their cleric, Samson, seemed to find all of this somewhat amusing despite the tension felt by the rest of his party.   While the others entered into a sort of negotiatons at the front door, Kumiko decided to check on their captive wizard. She crossed the courtyard and went back to the shed. There she discovered a hole in the wall of the shed, and Lyrie was gone. Kumiko turned around, ready to alert the others, the hobgoblin Sereg was standing in the hole in the wall. He demanded that she hand over the shard of pride that he believed she had in her possession. She claimed not to have it, then tried to cast a Hold Person spell on him. The spell fizzled out as it struck him and he quickly beat her unconscious, taking the shard from her and escaping.   Cloud, Kumiko's familiar, flew back to the rest of the group and tried to drag Kadrus out to the shed where Kumiko lay. Once outside, Kadrus saw Sereg go over the wall and alerted the others. A skirmish started and the Warbound attempted to flee with the shard. Roglas and Sereg stepped onto the bridge first to make their escape, but the bridge had been rigged to collapse if too much weight was on it. The bridge collapsed, sending Sereg and Roglas falling eighty feet into the ocean below.   Magdalena swung her sword at Jayvielle as the grippli closed in on her. Kilgor charged and knocked Magdalena over the edge of the cliff. Grog used his earthen blast to shove Samson over the side as well. Unfortunately, neither one of them made it to the water and crashed onto the rocks just yards away from the water. Shortly after their screams fell silent, the party was joined by some familiar faces - the ranger Shalelu, Ameiko Kaijitsu, and Mayor Deverin's bodyguard Suljik. They told the heroes they had been warned by Brodert Quink that the Warbound was after the Saviors of Sandpoint, so they came to help. Luckily they were not needed.   Kumiko and Grog questioned Magdalena and Samson after Samson healed some of their injuries. They knew nothing about the shard, who the Collector was that Roglas seemed to be working for, or why the shard was important. They apologized for their actions and the Saviors of Sandpoint let them leave in peace.   Suljik, Ameiko and Shalelu offered to keep an eye on things topside while the party went back below the stockade to give the place a final sweep. The heroes continued their investigation but found very little of consequence or value. The party was just about to head topside when they checked the final doorway. It led to a prison filled with torture devices. Grog suddenly felt himself drawn into the room for reasons he could not understand. In the far cell was a half-orc, starved and weak, slumped over in one of the cells. He had a ruined gauntlet on his left hand, with burn marks covering much of the left side of his body and face. Even his eye had been damaged. Grog realized that it was the half-orc that he felt himself drawn to.   The half-orc, Dagourn, thanked the party for finding him. He and the other person in the cells, a dead man who had choked on a piece of his shirt that he had tried to eat, had been aboard a ship that had been overtaken by pirates. The ship broke apart and the two believed they would drown. Miraculously they survived but washed ashore on Thistletop. The goblins found them and beat them unconscious before sticking them in these cells. Dagourn then told Grog that the sensation that had drawn him was actually curse that had befallen him before he was even born. He offered to tell him more if they freed him. The party did so, and together they all returned to the surface.   The was only one final bit of business to take care of before departing. "King" Glar¬†asked Grog to ask Kilgor for the longsword that used to belong to the hero of the Seven Tooth¬†tribe, Koruvus. The party voted - Kilgor and Gallious voted no, Grog and Jayvielle voted yes. The final vote came down to Kumiko, who voted with her moral compass and gave him the sword. In return, King Glar vowed never to attack Sandpoint and to assist the town if they could. He would also allow Kadrus and Brodert Quink to come back and examine the Thassalonian artifacts below the stockade.   Satisfied with the negotiations, laden with treasure, and filled with the satisfaction that they had stopped a goblin invasion, the Saviors of Sandpoint returned to their adopted home for some much needed rest.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
22 Feb 2021