Session 11 - The Sharkenbear

General Summary

  • The Saviors of Sandpoint faced off against a giant undead bear with sharks for hands. The Sharkenbear managed to stick its head out the door and attack both Kilgor and the goblin Glar, but only Glar fell from his injuries. Truett was able to stabilize him and remove him from the battlefield. Gallious used illusionary magic to create walls and doorways in the makeshift prison. Those distractions bought the SoS enough time to kill the creature before it was able to escape its prison.
  • The party investigated the last few unexplored regions and found another set of stairs that led below the stockade.
  • Taking the stairs, they discovered a meeting room that had clearly been used to plan the attack on Sandpoint. There was also a slate hanging on the wall. The notes on it confirmed the raid, and that once “the whispering beast is tamed,” the architects of the plan intended to mount a second raid on the town, one that incorporates not only additional goblin tribes culled from as far as the Fogscar Mountains to the north, but creatures referred to as “sinspawn” who will invade Sandpoint from below. No exact timetable was given for when this second raid was to happen, possibly a few weeks in the future.
  • Opening a second door, the party surprised a young woman who was in the midst of research on various old artifacts that seemed to be Thassalonian in nature. The woman, Lyrie, tried to attack the party but before she could cast a spell she was beaten and restrained. She offered little information, requesting only to be taken back to Sandpoint to be arrested. She did not want to die, but did not offer much in the way of useful information.
  • The SoS continued to explore and discovered a chapel to Lamashtu. Upon entering the chapel, they were set upon by two Yeth Hounds. They hounds unleashed their unearthly howl that rattled the walls and shook the heroes to their very souls. Still, they stayed resolute and killed the animals. They searched the rest of the temple and examined the altar at the front of the temple. Ash and bone on the slab revealed that humans and goblins alike had been sacrificed to Lamashtu - possibly even Nualia's father's remains may have been mixed in with the rest.
  • They continued to search the premises. Down a dark hallway, the party found a cave that opened up to the Varisian sea. It was also the home to a squid-like monstrosity that wrapped its tentacles around Jayvielle but was slain before it could do anything worse.
  • A few twists and turns later, the heroes found their way to another door. Met with silence, they opened the door and were greeted by a goblin standing in the center of the room, as if waiting for them to arrive after being alerted by the baying of Yeth Hounds. "Bruthazmus!" yelled the goblin. "The intruders are here!"

Rewards Granted

  • potion - cure light wounds
  • Scroll - comprehend languages
  • scroll - minor image
  • scroll - see invisibility
  • scroll - sleep
  • scroll - whispering wind
  • wand of snowball (38 charges)
  • cloak of resistance +1
  • silver comb (25 gp)
  • everburning torch
  • small pouch of artifacts (hair, fingernail clipping, used handkerchiefs, and a gold earring with a dragon's head emblazoned on it (worth 50 gp) )
  • Coins: 3 pp, 278 gp
  • Lyrie's Spellbook

Character(s) interacted with

  • Glar, stable but unconscious, left in Warchief Ripnugget's bed.
  • Lyrie, stable but unconscious, bound and gagged in the research room.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
10 Jan 2021
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