Session 10 - Thistletop Stockade

General Summary

  • Holding their positions, the Saviors of Sandpoint avoided detection from the patroling gobliln guards and infiltrated the Thistletop stockade.
  • They began searching room, systematically killing guards in watchtowers and rooms alike.
  • The heroes happened upon the throneroom, where Warchief Ripnugget watched his goblins recreate the attack on Sandpoint. Entertaining for him, but historically quite inaccurate.
  • Ripnugget lured Kumiko forward as a spokesperson for the party. Once she was close enough, he ordered his guards to attack. They tried, but in the end the Saviors of Sandpoint were victorious.
  • With Warchief Ripnugget bloodied and defenseless, Jayvielled questioned him about the location of Nualia. Kilgor had a ranseur planted firmly in his chest, and Gallious held a handful of chilling necrotic energy inches away from his face. Ripnugget caved and admitted that she was in the catacombs below the stockade, and gave vague directions to the location of the stairs leading below. He then held his wrists up, asking to be taken back to Sandpoint for a trial. "That's what you longshanks do, right?" Ripnugget said. Those were his final words as Kilgor ran him through.
  • They discovered the stairs, as well as the barracks where several goblins slept. Kilgor "brought a measure of justice to the canine genocide that the goblins have brought down on the region"¬†and killed them in their sleep before continuing through the rest of the building. They entered what appeared to be an exercise yard for the goblin dogs. Four of them roamed the space and were quickly dispatched. They had been barking and pawing at a building on the far side of the yard. Two goblins lay dead, mangled by the front door. The door had been double barricaded.
  • The heroes managed to pry the planks off the door. Inside the structure was an undead abomination, an aberration of nature itself, a mighty undead Sharkenbear!

Rewards Granted

  • Potion: Cure Light Wounds (4)
  • Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds (2)
  • Potion: Rage (2)
  • Potion: Barkskin
  • Wand: Silent Image (5 Charges)
  • +1 Short Sword
  • Battered Gold Crown (40gp)
  • Masterowork Breastplate (Small)
  • Masterwork Chain Shirt (Small)
  • Masterwork Composite Longbow (Small)
  • Masterwork Horsechoppers (3) (Small)
  • Cash - 40gp
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
03 Jan 2021