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Session 1 - Welcome to Sandpoint

General Summary

  • [Kumiko] and [Gallious] arrived in Sandpoint via a ship called the Tambay Dagger. Travel-mates Rosma and Ernes were on a recruiting missing and would not be staying in town, but they highly recommended the Rusty Dragon as a good place to stay in town.
  • [Grog] walked into Sandpoint, acting as a tour guide of sorts for travelers Ottman Jalstin, priest of Abadar and his wife Kaylee Jalstin. Kaylee delivered a book to Brodert Quink, the resident sage of Sandpoint who seemed fascinated with Grog.
  • [Jayvielle Deverin], [Kilgore], and [Truett Swan] arrive in Sandpoint aboard the ship named The Reefclaw. They were met by Suljik, assistant to the Mayor. He greeted the party and took them to see the Mayor.
  • A half-orc named Gorvi was grudgingly leaving a meeting with Mayor Kendra Deverin. She was excited to meet Jayvielle, but with the chaos of the Swallowtail Festival, she didn't have time to talk very much. She agreed to meet with Jayvielle and his friends after the festival when they had more time to chat. She told Suljik to take the party to one of the inns so they could get a room before everything filled up. 
  • Suljik took the group to the White Deer inn due to its close proximity, but the owner Garridan Viskalai had some hostile racial undertones and did not seem to want them there. He also forbade Grog from getting a drink there. They all gladly left to go to the Rusty Dragon.
  • They all head to the Rusty Dragon. The heroes met the owner of the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu along with a halfling maid Bethana Corwin. Jayvielle saw Kumiko and Gallious at a remote table, and with his inclusive nature, he invited them to join his table. Together they rented rooms and celebrated the evening.
  • The next day began the Swallowtail Festival. Speeches from the mayor, Sheriff Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus - owner of the Sandpoint Theater, and Father Zantus. There were games throughout the day, followed by a delicious lunch. At the end of the day, Father Zantus used a thunderstone to get people's attention before delivering the final speech of the day. Suddenly, goblins attacked and people scattered. The party fought off a group of goblins, but the town around them continued to burn as the goblins continued their attack.
  • Campaign
    Rise of the Runelords
    Report Date
    06 Oct 2020
    Primary Location