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Orcadian Disc

  • The Orcadian disc is red disc carved from a smooth stone, with circular engravings and unknown symbols carved around the entire object. The disc itself is about three inches in diameter and fits comfortably into most palms without abrasion.
  • If the Orcadian disc is removed from a mirror and not held by a person, it will seek out the nearest mirror-like surface. It will only stop when a mirror-like surface is contacted. Despite tremendous impact velocities, no damage will be dealt to either the disc or the mirror.
  • When placed against a mirror, the Orcadian disc allows the person who placed the disc against the mirror to step through the mirror into another place, a land of Blessed, Sinful, and Unclean. Who these people are and what their names represent is currently unknown.
  • There are also rumors that there are actually multiple Orcadian discs that lead to a variety of locations.
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