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Episode 68

General Summary

  • As the session began, Kuuro was able to shake off the effects of Lasdolon's domination command to kill the Guardians of Golarion.
  • Chakos pulled the pyramoid out of his chest via telekinesis, neutralizing himself.
  • Phaeriel drew the image of the Glyph of Renewal. Rooker Shango was then able to use his Locate Object spell to track down the glyph in the nearby Crystal Plaza.
  • The Guardians were ambushed by several drow soldiers and a voidbound wrathbringer, but were able to fight them off.
  • However, the true guardian of the glyph appeared in the form of several tentacles stretching from the abyss to the material plane - the Festering Damnation, commonly known as an abyssal harvester.
  • The Guardians were able to fight the creature off while Rooker attempted to deactivate the glyph.
  • As the Festering Damnation retreated into the abyss, Hugo saw something beyond the barrier. The harvester had churned up the ground in the abyss and unearthed something metallic. Curious, Hugo breached the barrier to see what it was. Sir Godric followed after him.
  • The metallic item was a large egg-shaped item. Godric picked it up and as the abyssal harvester turned around to come back for another attempt at a feeding, Godric and Hugo barely managed to retreat through the breach before it resealed itself.
  • Hugo's Hellfire Gauntlet did not return, leaving Hugo with a seared stump where the glove once was.
  • Rooker, aided by the rest of the Guardians, was able to deactivate the Glyph of Renewal. A ribbon of energy escaped the glyph, heading in the direction of the next glyph - the Glyph of Vigilance in the Fetid Palace, deep within the Hanging Forest.

Rewards Granted


  397,224 + 44,070 = 441,294 XP!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Deactivated the Glyph of Renewal.
  • Discovered the location of the next glyph, the Glyph of Vigilance.
  • Recovered a large metallic item from the Abyss.
  • Doomsday Score: 6
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
20 Jul 2020
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