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Episode 13 - The Guardians of Golarion

The Guardians of Golarion

General Summary

The heroes, now known as the Guardians of Golarion, sat around the breakfast table at the Gold Goblin planning their next move.   Graffolk Ferdraft, a local lumber merchant, came into the Goblin with a young woman named Reh. According to Graffolk, Reh had spent the past two years asking the wrong people the wrong questions regarding the murder of her father. He wanted to hire the group to take her in as a mentorship of sorts. Teach her the ways of navigating danger, and perhaps help her find the man who killed her father ten years ago. He paid with a jade starburst crystal that Hugo quickly appraised at around 8000gp.   As juices and coffee were being brought to the table, breakfast was interrupted again by a group who had recently arrived from Cheliax. Two of them were men, a human named Thexan and his half-orc brother named Arcaan. The other three were women, bounty hunters from the Order of the Hunt. The leader of the group was a woman named Rosma, joined by a Viking named Ticinia, and a perky girl with black hair and a talent for teleportation named Ernes.   Rosma told the Guardians that the Order had come to collect the bounty on Valarius, Godric, and Sakali. Originally the bounty included Winifred and Alyuin, but they had passed away since the Order left Cheliax and Rosma hadn’t noticed the names greyed out. She presented the three with the option to surrender. Rosma would then hand them over to the local authorities for incarceration until the man who issued the bounty, a fellow by the name Bertoxxulous, retrieved them from their cells. Rosma said that the situation did not have to resort to bloodshed. However, she assured them that the Order would be collecting the bounty.   Thexan pointed out that he and his brother were not interested in the bounty, and had no intention to help them with the Guardians. They had been sent by Fred’s father, Hesiod, to bring the girl home. Since she was dead, they had no stake in the game and were not about to get involved in the Order’s business.   The Order left the Gold Goblin to wait outside for the Guardians. Thexan and Arcaan took a map and left for Magepoint so Arcaan could pay his respects to Winifred. Godric gave Thexan the katana that Winifred had used during her adventuring career. The party was finally able to finish their breakfast. It seemed that time was not on their side, and they needed to get to Devil’s Elbow as fast as possible. They decided to head to the pier and try to obtain a boat to get to Devil’s Elbow. They geared up and left the Goblin, where the Order waited in the street for them.   After a brief battle, the Order fell to the Guardians’ superior numbers. Ticinia was killed, cut in half by Ella. Ernes was knocked unconscious. Rosma was blinded and surrendered. She collected Ticinia’s remains and departed with Ernes, telling the Guardians that the bounty was over. Battered, the Guardians of Golarion continued on to the docks.

Rewards Granted

  • Starburst Gem – 8000gp

Character(s) interacted with

  • Graffolk Ferdraft – A seemingly well-to-do lumber merchant who was close friends with Reh’s father. Her father made one of the rings that Graffolk wears to this day. Hugo eyeball appraised it at around 2500gp. He is trying to look out for Reh, and keep her alive. If the party is in need of lumber, Graffolk mentioned that he could get them a deal.
  • Order of the Hunt – Bounty Hunting guild from Cheliax. They have their own ship, and are obviously well-financed. They are a large and powerful guild, yet willing to respect the rulings of other bounty hunting guilds. Rosma – Honorable Hunts mistress of the group that came to collect the Guardians. Confident, and cares about her companions.
  • Ernes – Junior member of the Order. The Riddleport job was part of her initiation into the Order. Big fan of bacon.
  • Ticinia – Junior member of the Order who died doing what she loved, wading knee-deep in combat.
  • Kenoshi – Planning on opening everything in the Gold Goblin, while using it as a headquarters for the Crimson Coin. He’s allowing the Guardians to retain their rooms at the Goblin, and bounties cannot be executed on guild grounds. However, they are only granted this privilege because they are employed by the Goblin. They are not guild members, they cannot benefit from guild privileges (such as learning the identity of people who place bounties on them before the bounties are issued).


  • Hugo learned Undercommon and read the journal that belonged to the drow named Depora. He discovered that the testing that had taken place on Devil’s Elbow had two purposes. They were trying to perfect the ritual on a smaller scale to work out the bugs, giving the impression that the main goal was to perform the ritual on a larger scale at some point. They also hoped to use the falling meteorite to break through a protective seal of something called the Vault of Jel’va.
  • According to the questioning, Valarius was able to do during a visit to the Cypher Lodge, the Vault of Jel’va is connected to Elves in some way.
  • Reh mentioned that she’d heard about a few groups that had managed to get out to Devil’s Elbow. Overlord Cromarcky hired several dwarves to sail out to Devil’s Elbow to gather up as much skymetal as possible for him, led by a loud miner named Goldhammer. Avery Slyeg, Riddleport’s most successful smuggler, and black marketeer had a ship that was not in port during the disaster and was able to quickly outfit it and head out to the Elbow. Cyphermages were eager to investigate the island and secured the help of a small group of a dozen or so explorers. Clegg Zincher had no ship of his own and no access to one. He waited for the next pirate ship to pull into port, then personally led a hand-picked crew of toughs down to the waterfront that evening to attack the ship under the cover of night. After murdering the crew and feeding them to the hungry harbor denizens, he set sail for the Devil’s Elbow.
  • Kenoshi used to work in Clegg Zincher’s arena. Once he retired (after an assassin tried to cut his throat), Clegg didn’t try to force him to stay. Since then, the two had maintained a working relationship. A few days ago, Clegg requested the aid of Krusher Kurosh, the half-giant bouncer that Kenoshi employed. Since Clegg was rumored to have made his way to Devil’s Elbow to try to get his hands on some skymetal, it is suspected that Krusher is helping him.


12751 / 15000 + 1000 = 13751 XP!
Report Date
01 Sep 2018
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