Ebon Triad

    The Ebon Triad, also known as the Dark Triad or the Cult of the Shattered God, is an evil cult of heretics from the churches of three evil Golarion deities - Asmodeus, Norgorber, and Lamashtu. They believe that their deities represent a fragmented divinity known only as The Shattered God and that through their actions they can merge the essence of their three deities into one Overgod of extreme and unimaginable power. The Ebon Triad has cells throughout Golarion, each working to raise funds to finance their ambitious project.   The official churches of Asmodeus, Norgorber, and Lamashtu are displeased with the foundation of the Ebon Triad. Tradition and belief have always kept these three churches at odds with each other, and the majority of these faithful have no wish to see the glory and power of their patron deity "diluted" through mixing with "lesser" religions. The fact that their deities continue to grant spells to the cultists of the Ebon Triad is vexing and disturbing to the traditionalists. Word of the heresy has not spread far from the three churches, who keep accounts brutally suppressed before the radical ideas of the Ebon Triad gain more converts.   To most people, however, the idea that a mortal cult could bind gods as powerful as Asmodeus, Norgorber, and Lamashtu is extremely doubtful, even preposterous.


The Ebon Triad tends to operate in small cells, led by a High Priest or Priestess. Often this High Priest will possess some form of innate magical power (such as a sorcerer or oracle) and claim to have been gifted this power by the Overgod.

Mythology & Lore

According to the accounts within the Way of the Ebon Triad, The Shattered God was separated at the time of Creation, divided into Asmodeus and Dahak - creation and destruction, law and chaos. Before ascending to godhood, Norgorber discovered not only the secret history of the two deities but also the process to merge them. It is believed that he then leveraged his secret with Asmodeus, agreeing to keep the secret from Dahak (who believed himself born of the dragon gods Apsu and Tiamat) in return for Asmodeus' assistance with the Trial of the Starstone. Asmodeus agreed and shared his essence with Norgorber, giving him the ability to survive the tests involved with the Trial of the Starstone. In being blessed with divine essence, Norgorber was now susceptible to being merged with the Shattered God should others learn of the secret. The triad now involved Asmodeus (Mind), Dahak (Body), and Norgorber (Spirit).

Divine Origins

The symbol of the Ebon Triad is a triangle beneath a dome, with seven rays. This represents the three gods (the triangle) merging as one (the dome/circle) opposing seven gods.

Cosmological Views

From the fanatical peripheries of the three evil churches comes a blasphemous doctrine known as the Way of the Ebon Triad, an anonymously penned collection of essays and scrolls soaked in phantasmagoric allegory and apocalyptic ecstasy. The Way outlines in vague terms a series of rituals and portentous events that culminate in the spiritual and physical adhesion of Asmodeus, Dahak, and Norgorber into a single supremely powerful Overgod known only as The Shattered God or The First. Outlaws even within their own blasphemous religions, adherents to the Way of the Ebon Triad travel the world in search of fellow wanderers, often banding together to influence important events and edge the world of Golarion closer to catastrophe.   The First promises to thoroughly unmake all that is, not just the future but also the past, not just the Material Plane but the entire Great Beyond. This is exactly what its cultists desire: the grief-stricken can make it that their past tragedies never happened, and the guilty can avoid Pharasma's judgment with the afterlife removed. Priests disagree on whether this existence would be replaced with a new one, but all are in accord that the current existence is beyond recovery and must be completely erased.
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of the Shattered God, Dark Triad