The Waybringer

Apsu is the patron deity of all good and metallic dragons, and one of the oldest gods of the Great Beyond. Along with Tiamat, he is (at least according to draconic lore) believed to be one of the two original creator beings of the multiverse.  


  Apsu makes his home in the Immortal Ambulatory, a demiplane of wandering stars and floating islands that moves about from plane to plane in the Great Beyond. The Immortal Ambulatory can embed itself in different planes, and can often be found in Heaven. Apsu is most often found in the Opalescent Cathedral, which resides on an island at the center of the demiplane.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

It is said that Apsu and Tiamat created the original gods. One of the first was Dahak, the destroyer. Apsu entered the Material Plane to battle Dahak, but was betrayed by Tiamat. This created a rift between metallic dragons and chromatic dragons. The battle between Apsu and Dahak still rages upon Golarion today. Apsu is also numbered among the divine creatures which fought in the battle to defend all of creation against Rovagug.


Religious Views

Church of Apsu

  Unsurprisingly, most of Apsu's worshipers are metallic dragons, although some non-aligned draconic creatures such as primal dragons and wyverns worship him as well. Few dragons practice divine magic, preferring to leave that to their humanoid allies. As Apsu's prime purpose is the destruction of Dahak, few non-dragons take up his cause, although honourable humanoids with an interest in draconic lore have taken up his faith from time to time. They typically wear a gold dragon's foot brooch, or have other custom-made equipment in the shape of a dragon's foot.   Golarion lacks much of a centralized humanoid church of Apsu. The largest congregation of humanoid Apsu worshipers on the planet is known as The Platinum Band, which maintains relatively small centers of worship in Oppara and Absalom. Apsu is more widely worshiped by humanoids on the planet Triaxus, where he is the patron deity of the Dragon Legion.   Brass dragons, gregarious in the extreme, generally fill the role as Apsu's servants and diplomats, although few of them could be considered particularly devout. Nevertheless, they always come when they are needed.   The church's holy text is The Draconic Apsu, an epic poem written by the blind gold dragon sage Gunnarrex. Both the first day of the winter solstice and the first day of summer are considered holy days by the church.  


  Apsu's herald is Oreganus, a bespectacled celestial silver dragon with the ability to create solid fortifications with his breath.   Apsu's other planar allies include:  
  • Blameless Flame
  • Syrax the Platinum
Divine Classification
Current Residence
The Immortal Ambulatory