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Written by Krawczyk & Weaver

"There is literally no better mead nor barmaid in all the universe; I know, I've checked. In fact I think you ought to know that there is really no place as wonderful as Welcome Here, not in all the stars or bubbles. Plus no one else has three kinds of saunas and a fruit darts championship...oh wait you don't have either of those yet. Well you will; but my point is no one else ever bothers with the important things like that. "
Welcome Here has stood for over fifteen hundred years, growing and changing over time to expand across twenty hectares of Therehere's rolling hillsides. It was built in the bowl shaped indent that was once the Quintyz homestead, the precise location the last of the Tamorins appeared upon in the year 1556 PM.
  The tavern began as a simple one story construction, crafted of southern red pine, it was built on good faith and loans; initially able to provide only the most basic essentials: ale, mead, bread and fried pellarin. Over the centuries Welcome Here has grown from its humble origins to become a cultural touchstone for not only the Kin but also the Klik-nik-ik , Synth and Tamorins among others who follow the tenants of The Fates.

The Grand Opening

  Welcome Here first opened on new years eve of 1555 PM, two weeks before the one year anniversary of the arrival of the Tamorins. The aliens sudden appearance on Therehere, while confusing to all parties, has been a welcome mystery. The Tamorins were grateful to have escaped their dying homeworld, Madril; and the Kin were excited to meet an alien species. The Tamorins were such a fascination to the Kin that it was the anniversary itself that was the inspiration for Welcome Here’s creation.
  The first construction of Welcome Here had been rushed, the delivery of ale late enough to cause even a Kin to suffer panic attacks. The road to the crater, a winding trail of freshly lain gravel, was finished only the night before the the Grand Opening was to commence. The area outside of the small tavern was decorated with hundreds of large colorful paper lanterns. Long quickly constructed tables nestled between poles placed so that the stringlights that hung from their tops drew hexagons well above patrons’ heads. The stringlights had been made by a local inventor, the tables by a Tamorin carpenter's apprentice, both were donated for the festivities.
  The grand opening of Welcome Here has lived on in oral histories, memoirs and lore. Even today the term "a Welcome Here Party" is used to convey the idea of a celebration that has its own legacy; or a party more famous than the people who attended it. Over the decades Welcome Here has been added to, expanded, rebuilt, modified and repaired; each time with a notable increase in tourism and revenue, even during Therehere’s hardest years Welcome Here has found means to thrive.
  When the Eternal Home, the house the Kin gifted to their Deities, was created less than ten kilometers from Welcome Here's entrance the Tavern shut down for over a year in order to quadruple its size and add a new wing to the sprawling tavern turned inn turned resort. Even before the multi-regional effort to construct Eternal Home there was a constant influx of pilgrims seeking to stay at Welcome Here long enough to spot one of the Deities long rumored to frequent the tavern even in its earliest days.

Purpose / Function

While Welcome Here was initially intended as a resource grab, meant to monopolize upon people’s nostalgia, the reality of its history shows that the donations of money, resources and political aid accredited to Welcome Here over the centuries far outweighed any other organization, business or individual from Therehere.   After the creation of the M.N. Himmeldyn Foundation the amount of revenue that was donated by Welcome Here tripled and steadily climbed thereafter. During some of the worst political, environmental and societal tumult through the centuries the funding for medicine, insurance, research and education has been steady and reliable thanks to Himmeldyn's legacy.   During the accords of 812 PM it was suggested that these fields had suffered due to the reliability of the donations from Welcome Here. The theory was that since the government could avoid funding the ventures Welcome Here funded there was little incentive to fulfill budgetary obligations. Since the accords the amount that can be donated from a single source has been capped, leading to the creation of thousands of new grants and charities at Welcome Here's request.


Welcome Here was one of the first buildings to be constructed with a four meter tall ceiling. While other buildings had been built over the last year that had the minimum three meters to keep Tamorins from bumping into the eaves, Welcome Here was the first to try to provide a high ceiling for the taller species. Over the years the original ceiling was eventually raised to nearly eight meters, and the roof was replaced with an updated archibariny design.   The first big addition was the Inn, a rectangular add on that doubled the building’s footprint and allowed for up to ten guests. Less than three years later Welcome Here would double its size once more, expanding outward and increasing its guest capacity to twenty five.   The iconic three story version of the building was only built after a catastrophic fire in 1498 PM. Isicardel's rendition of the architecture is often debated as it shows understated eaves for the era of the rebuild. The roof itself was dismantled and the materials reused in a subsequent expansion two decades later.   Even as Welcome Here was expanded over the centuries the original materials, aesthetic and general atmosphere was sustained. Lazy winding ramps and sudden ladders connect the most disjointed sections of the resort, tall spires with delicately curled eaves grow taller every few years and the grand chandelier in the main lobby of the hotel has been replaced at least four dozen times, each time in a different material, each time destroyed by an adventurous Kin.


Primarily constructed of southern red pine and dark river stone the original design was similar to the ancient Plains Kin long homes; however due to the fast paced construction a permanent scaffolding system was used and the resulting protruding beams became perches of conveniences for Tamorins and Kin alike during the grand opening festivities. This incident is often credited for being the initial catalyst that eventually led to the archibariny roof design that became popularized in 1528 PM and is still the basis of many modern Tamorin and Kin buildings.   The archibariny design takes its name from the exaggerated arches that the flying eaves and sweeping roof shapes create. The architect who first coined the term was Allixius Addamentin Florcressent, however it is uncertain which architect this name is referring too. In one of the many confusing happenstances of Kin history Florcressent was a quadruplet who shared her profession with two of her siblings; all three of whom chose to go professionally by their full names. History books have given up on trying to decide which of the sisters started the archibarinay trend however all three seem to have adopted the aesthetic before the end of their careers.   Archibariny building combine many of Welcome Heres most famous aspects. It begins by using the permanent scaffolding system, designed to leave internal support beams long enough to have excessive external overhang. The buildings will also have tall walls, arched ceilings, elongated and curved eaves that twist past roof edges giving each building a spiked crown. The aesthetic has been compared to a combination of the Terran Wu Shan and Sudano-Sahelian architecture; or to the Temples of Oegoekae.


Welcome Here was the brainchild of Montgillamy Naethoril Himmeldyn. Himmeldyn believed that the arrival of the Tamorins would be such a grand tale that even those who lived a whole region away would want to visit the site of their arrival on its anniversary. Welcome Here was originally only meant to be open for six weeks each year, around the new year celebration and the anniversary of the Tamorin arrival.   Himmeldyn admitted that the tavern would not be able to close, at any time, once it became clear that there were certain patrons that had no intention of leaving the tavern for more than a few hours. The Cult of Watching were among those who convinced Himmeldyn that converting the small Tavern into an inn would allow the small business to remain open; even with the high cost of transporting ale down the spiraling gravel driveway that was in constant need of repairs do to the heavy traffic in the early years.   Each year Welcome Here is the center point of the Arrival Festival , which has only grown in size and attendance. Although Welcome Here is considered the most luxurious location to stay for the festival its prices have never reflected this fact. Before his death Himmeldyn created the M.N. Himmeldyn Foundation in order to maintain his vision beyond his lifetime. The foundation has helped Welcome Here evolve over the centuries without ever straying from Himmeldyn's original mission statement or his ideals.  
"Welcome Here is a home, a microcosm of Therehere itself, and it will stand here ready to welcome any Tamorin or traveler that might need rest or a place to call Home. None will be turned away; this is a place for everyone. Now Drink!"   -Montgillamy Naethoril Himmeldyn


Tourism was seen as a boon up until interstellar travel with non-hostile species became normalized enough to allow the foreigners to visit Therehere. During the initial waves of tourism the tavern turned hotel was able to keep their rooms full and their patrons, both new and old, content and happy. However the proximity of Welcome Here to Eternal Home was noted in several travel streams and the influx of tourists mounted until an emergency regional council meeting was called to address the toll the influx of daily tourism was causing to the local flora; not to mention the tourists caught trying to sneak onto Eternal Home property.   After only six hours of deliberation the council voted unanimously to instill a tourism ban on the entire region. This choice is believed to have been heavily influenced by the Silver Ghost murders that were taking place during this period. Although tourism was ended before the next long night the murders did not stop, as many had hoped they might given the prejudices of the time.   In 13UT the region and Welcome Here were temporarily opened to off world tourists for three days during the Coalition Inclusion Celebrations.


The first game ever played at the grand opening was supposedly fruit darts, a stupidly dangerous game in which a person places fruit on their head and someone else tries to hit the fruit with a dart or other sharp object. The game went out of style a few years later only to be revived eight decades after its legal ban; when a sudden abundance of fruit led to the creation of the fruit board, a dartboard that held fruit.   Over the centuries the games and pastimes have changed, regressed and evolved. By the time of its third grand opening in 8 UT the resort was permanently home to over eighty-six games and thirteen annual competitions. The games ranged from darts and dice to LARPing to aerial rugby. The resort also boasted a casino, bordello, four swimming pools, two spas, sixteen dance lounges, nine restaurants, two dozen themed bars, a baker's dozen bars without themes, two gift shops, a petting zoo, a grocery store, and a bakery that specialized in creatively flavored cupcakes. Other notable attractions include thirteen gardens, an ice rink, roller rink, local hiking, two museums and a nearby winery with complimentary shuttle.   Other than the festivals, championships and conventions held at Welcome Here the most beloved attractions are likely the karaoke and live music bars. Stars of all stripes have found the offer to perform at Welcome Here to be an opportunity few can pass up, especially since for many who are not native to Therehere it is the only way to visit the resort.
An unknown artists conceptual idea of the Quintyz Homestead.  
Isicardel's Iconic painting of the rebuilt Welcome Here after the fire of 1498. The original still hangs above one of Welcome Here's mantels.
First Appearance in Godsend Series Farstep: Book 2
Founding Date
1555 PM
Alternative Names
Welcome Home
Owning Organization
Welcome Here
A rendering of the floorplan after the 1498 fire.  
A figurine of Montgillamy Naethoril Himmeldyn sold in Welcome Here's gift shops.  
“Why are the bars different heights on your flag?”  

"Because she was bad at crocheting; as far as I know that's the whole story."

"But why are they all uneven?"

"None of us are good at crocheting; how is this hard to understand?"

- Recorded conversation between Dhanisk and Didoozy.
During the Flag Wars Welcome Here created there own flag to help distinguish them as neutral grounds. Using the colors of the least loathed regions and the white circle to signify unity Welcome Here has flown their flag since its initial creation.  

Character image created with Hero Forge.
Floorplan created with DGNFOG.
Landscapes and building created with Artbreeder.


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