My name is M. A. E. Krawczyk and I have a very long story to tell called the Godsend Series. Pedra is a world united beneath the watchful eyes of the Holy Mother. Silvarus is a planet divided in the sudden absence of their Gods. Neither world can survive the changes to come without the influence of Fate itself.

All of the manuscripts are using working titles at this time and unless otherwise noted everything in Godsend is a work in progress.

Art from Artbreeder and Pixabay

Godsend Farstep: There and Back

Godsend Farstep follow four misfits that are brought together by random chance.
Farstep is the primary focus at this time and thus is the most likely to be updated soon.

Godsend, Pedra Book 1

Godsend Pedra spans three generations as they learn to control their magickal powers and explore the boundaries of their society.
Pedra requires worldbuilding and will not be updated for some time.
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