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The War of Stars

A work of fiction, this saga has been read across the Universe by all types of people. Some have classified it as a 'spicy' text, as the torrid romantic scenes sometimes overshadow the adventures and travels of the protagonists.

Whatever the opinion, the saga not only lasted four long and well liked books the author came to create a prequel and their heir is currently working on a sequel. The validity, as sources of cannon and quality, of the derived material is often debated.


Before the launch of the prequels, Jules signed a contract with a visual creators to bring the books to the big screens. The first movies were known as visionaries in their use of virtual reality for certain scenes while also utilizing 'primitive' visual and sound effects. Most of the main cast were newcomers and have frequently thanked the fanbase for launch their career.

The first book and movie launched mere months apart and this merchandise stunt propelled the saga forward. Since then, the saga has continued grow into a larger franchise. From visual studio to comics, themed park-planets and much more, the saga is considered among the most influential pieces of young-adult literature.

Text, Literature
Original Medium
Digital, Text
G. G. Jules

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Author's Notes

I apologize to all and everyone that see where this came from. I was forced to do this.

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