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These feathered aliens are known for their far travel of the universe and pacifistic nature. As well as their awful puns, noticeable by their self assigned name: Pungeon - augmented Pipeons also call themselves, Cybirds.

Basic Information


Unlike most winged aliens, Pipeons have no upper limbs beyond their own wings. This lack of hands and arms is often overcome by use of mind controlled arms that are attached to their backs.

Their lower legs are feathered up until the bend of the knee, where it becomes skin like, althrough rough to the touch. They possess three front-pointing fingers and one back-pointing one that allows for better holding and balance in narrow surfaces.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Most traditional names are puns on feather, birds and other traits of their species. As their civilizations expanded, they have moved to include technology and science puns. Nicknames and alias are also pun related.

Surnames often refer to unknown circunstamces of old, and are now strong family names they seldom explain.

Average Technological Level

Pipeons are considered to be among the most advanced species in the known galaxies. Their civilizations have advanced in weaponry, space travel and artificial intelligence much before the rest of the Universe - in fact, even the oldest of reports always stated Pipeon's technological advancements as factual.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Not many civilizations are allied or even receptive of these jokesters. Warmonger civilizations from across galaxies take their pacifistic nature as cowardly and annoying, frequently wishing to vanish their existence from space. Unfortunatelly, all attempts have failed, as Pipeons have very advanced technology and weaponry.

Other pacifist, or militarily primitive, civilizations have overlooked their bad personalities in favor of their strong alliances.

Random Facts

Despite having hallow bones and wing-like upper limbs, Pipeons are - in general - not able to fly. Part of the reason has been attributed to their atrophied air sacs.

Many theorize Pipeon are among the oldest non-divine species in the Universe.

Pipeon's are not colonizers, however, their holier-than-thou attitude and intervationist methods have resulted in colony-like worlds. Hiss's world is one of those worlds.

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