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Rulers above other aklypsians, they were originally a specific group formed by homonymous subespecies of aklypsians. As their presence and the Pandima Empire grew the culture has come to include other subspecies of aklypsians.


Pandimas lived following their ancestors customs, passed through secular tales. The main protagonist of such tales, is Mo Pandim, allegedly the ancestor to all pandimas. Serving as an example and the spiritual father of all pandimas, Mo Pandim is similar to a deity for pandimas. The few tales that don't feature Mo Pandim himself speak of his shepherdesses sisters or his lover The Sorcerer of Ashe and Fire.

It is unkown if the folk tales were inspired by life or used as the paragon of pandima life. What is known is, like Mo's tale, the pandimas have, generally, good relation with sheep and sheep-like creatures.

Major organizations

Pandimas are the rulers and leaders of the Pandima Empire, making them the rulers of the biggest singular aklypsian civilization.

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