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As the existence of gods became irrefutable, paganism became once again the main religion of civilized worlds. While different pantheons coexist in the universe so have their followers.

One's affinity to a pantheon can come from spiritual, physical or ideological connection, as well as social pressure and upbringing. This does not mean followers or affiliated to a pantheon don't believe the existence or even are hostile to another one, bigotry is not tied to a belief.



Those better connected with 'Nordic Gods' and their mythology are known as asatris, or followers of Ásatrú. Their divine powers are often associated with mighty and power, as well as community.


Perhaps the more physically present of the gods, the hellenists enjoy direct contact with their gods in a fashion very rare. Their main powers include law and order, cunning and excelence.


With powers associated with life and death, fire and animals, kemetists are one of the more aligned with their afterlife. They are devout belivers in reincarnation and the divine granted power of their leaders. They are bonded to 'Egyptian Gods'

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