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Pinnacles and Oblivion

Written by Ninja_Viper

In the beginning there were seven. Seven Pinnacles. Seven essences whose existence dwarfed all that would be. The Seven were content, for they were present in the morass of potential. Soon the morass began to form according to the nature of each Pinnacle. First to form was chaos, for that is what all was, so one of the Seven became known as Chaos. Next was order, for as soon as form began to manifest, it became ordered, so of six, one became Order. Order was only possible through action and reaction, so it was that energy came forth, so of five Energy did become present. With the possibility of Order and impetus of Energy, matter was birthed and so Matter came of the fourth. Yet there was not definition of where all this should take place. Then with the concept of the notion, time and space manifested in which to frame all else that proceeded it, giving purpose to the third and second, as the twins of Time and Space. And with that, the universe as it was began to form according to the nature of each of the six Pinnacles. With each Pinnacle being equal in the influence it exerted, all of creation ebbed and flowed in varying degrees to the nature of each Pinnacle.   However, there was yet one Pinnacle which had no nature to speak of and when it perceived what its nature was to become, naught caught its gaze. There was no more of creation for it to embody. Alone, desolate and bereft of definition, it pondered the cruel hand it had been dealt. Once, they had all been equal, each essence one and the same. So the final Pinnacle cast itself adrift, engrossed in the morose futility of its existence. An emptiness grew within, the cursed fruit of an unfulfilled potential, for the last Pinnacle missed what was clear to its siblings; ones own meaning is defined by ones own self. It is sought and grasped, not handed freely. The others hadn’t waited for meaning to be given, but reached out to be what they desired.   However, late now was the hour for any wisdom to alter the final Pinnacles path. For without intention it had manifested a new destiny with its lamentation. Oblivion. Oblivion is the end of everything. No new starts, or reimagining. No room for error or mistakes, no chance for learning, regrouping, trying again, getting better, growing, improving, striving and overcoming. Oblivion is finality. It is the end. It is the death of creation. It is the endless wait. The crushing void. The pitiless fate of doom for all. As Oblivion, the final Pinnacle became the antithesis of its siblings and threatened to undo the very fabric of all realities.   During their siblings absence, before its return as Oblivion, the six Pinnacles had laid the bedrock for the formation of realities, which would become known as Galaxies. The Galaxies were to be the crowning jewels of the universe, wonderous landscapes of potential. Much like what the universe was before the Pinnacles became. But the twins, Time and Space, foresaw their siblings return and what Oblivion would do in its spite. The Pinnacles imbued a portion of themselves into a single celestial form, a champion to stand against Oblivion. But the champion was no match for Oblivion and before a blow was struck, shattered the champion, scattering its pieces across all of creation in mockery of the Pinnacles feeble efforts. With the champion destroyed and the Pinnacles exhausted from their prior labourers, Oblivion was free to enact its vengeance. So Oblivion descended onto the Galaxies, the summit of the Pinnacles efforts of creation, to swallow the Galaxies whole and undo what had been made. But it failed. Much as it might try, Oblivion was unable to consume the greatest manifestation of its siblings. Then the trap was sprung. The champion was bait and the Pinnacles exhaustion a ruse. The Pinnacles knew they could not defeat their sibling. Its purpose to exist was as important as their own and it’s fate was partially their own doing.   The champion could not be consumed by Oblivion, the Pinnacles knew, for it was a piece each of them and they were the equal of Oblivion. The shards which Oblivion had so recklessly scattered in it’s arrogance, were strewn across the Galaxies, becoming embedded in the immaterial fabric of each. Such a feat of spreading their combined essences would not have been possible to complete before the return of their sibling. So to Oblivion’s wrath they relied on to ensure the bound essences would be scattered to the Galaxies and in doing so each jewel of their creation, each Galaxy, would be imbued with the protective essences of the Pinnacles and be immune to Oblivions touch.   But Oblivion was not to be denied. If it could not consume that which its betrayers valued most, it would leave them separated from it. In its anguish and jealousy, Oblivion surrounded the Galaxies, forfeiting it’s own existence to forever bar its siblings from their greatest creations.   Bereft of their crowning glories, adrift in the ethereal morass surrounding where once stood their greatest art. In the grief of their loss, of both sibling and craft, the Pinnacles vowed never to take part in the eternal mechanisms of creation and undertook a great slumber.   However, whilst they slept they dreamed, and in their dreams were images of salvation and ruin. Of the possibility that good could come of progress and change and all that had befallen the universe was not the end of its potential. The Pinnacles dreamt of a chain of cause and effect, of a sequence of events which would unfold into greater meaning. So it was that the Mandate of Reality was born from the grievous slumber of the Gods of creation, and its meaning to be to continue the Chain of cause and effect.   It is said that whilst the Pinnacles dreamt, they lived their dreams. In doing so, the entities who would become the Overseers were spawned from the Pinnacles. They took stewardship over the Etherium Planes which formed under the influence of their presence, from the ethereal morass they dwelt in, stretching infinitely from the scar in reality that was Oblivion.   In the Etheriums, those cauldrons of fabric from which reality is spun, primitive but pure, untainted by Oblivion, the Arisen were manifest. The children of the Overseers, the Arisen, were created as the next iteration of the Chain. These were many and varied in their aspects, in the same ways the Overseers were varied and multitudinous from the Pinnacles.       Of the Arisen, the Dothenians showed themselves to be virtuous and capable in ways more than the rest of their ken and in doing so were pronounced with a great cause.   The area of space and time in which Oblivion had scarred in its enshrouding of the Galaxies became known as the Prime Cosmos, the central materium from where all meaning was spun from, for the acquiring of the Galaxies was everything.   The Overseers gave unto the Dothenians the Mandate of Reality and were charged with entering the Galaxies of the Prime Cosmos, reconnecting the Shards of the Pinnacles and casting off the shroud of Oblivion.   Through devices and knowledge granted by the Overseers, the Dothenians went forth into the Galaxies of the Prime Cosmos to begin their search for the salvation of all.   And so time passed and the search carried on.   As beings of the Etherium Planes, Dothenians were composed of its essence so free of time’s erosion, unlike beings that were yet to come. Neither did the Dothenians suffer Oblivions touch. That was, until they entered the Prime Cosmos.   Although Oblivion may not be able to consume the Galaxies nor exist as a conscious entity, its influence could still be felt, especially by those of similar lineage.   As scions of the Pinnacles, the Dothenians were susceptible to the influence of Oblivion. This influence would become a corruption and manifest in terrible ways.   As the aeons passed in the Galaxies of the Prime Cosmos, the Dothenians found their efforts to attain the shards were proving to be futile. In an effort to help themselves they created a new race of beings, similar in the Dothenians own image but made of the materials of the Galaxies. These were the Proxian-Hexary.   Beings of intellectual capacity equal to that of the Dothenians, but with a greater affinity with the Galaxies and superior understanding of the materials therein.   The Proxian’s robust yet malleable, metallic forms proved greater at resisting the dangers posed by the physical composition of the Galaxies, for when a Dothenian suffers harm, they do not die in a finite mortal fashion. Dothenians lose cohesion on their forms and are drawn back to the Etherium Plane of their formation.   Yet this was soon to change.   The corruption from Oblivion had accumulated within the Dothenians ever since their first foray into the Galaxies and their materium. The corruption began expressing itself in a variety of ways. Firstly as hubris and decadence; the Dothenians began eschewing the Mandate of Reality as something beneath them, leaving the Proxian-Hexary to search alone. Meanwhile glutting themselves on the matter and energy of the materium within the Galaxies. Beyond this however something more curious and sinister began. The corruption began to taint the Navi’taas which comprised the Dothenians, slowly twisting the faculties within which retained memories and experiences. This ultimately lead to Dothenians being unable to reconstitute themselves fully after death, losing memory and experience. For beings whose soul was eternal, along with whose culture and society revolved around the accumulated wealth of experience, such a fate was perhaps worse than mortal death. Cursed with living consequences of a timeless death, Dothenian society slowly disintegrated.   Such disintegration soon descended into madness. The Dothenians abusing and reaving across the Galaxies of the Prime Cosmos, leaving parts of reality in barren tatters, striped and bare, consisting only of dust and entropy.   Eventually the Dothenians stopped caring about the Mandate completely and abandoned their creations to search for the shards on their own.   As beings crafted from the materium of the Galaxies and not descended from the Pinnacles as the Dothenians are, The Proxian-Hexary were not affected by the corruption of Oblivion. As their creators succumbed to the corruption but unable to sense it themselves, the Proxian-Hexary became disillusioned with their creators. The Proxian-Hexary saw the Dothenians behaviour as a product of power and authority, while the Dothenians, not aware of the corruption, saw their children as petulant and ungrateful.   Regretful of the damage and violation wrought by their creators, the Proxian-Hexary laid a plan to banish the Dothenians. A single Galaxy stood out to the perceptions of the Proxian-Hexary. One of few untarnished by the ravages of their creators, whilst more lustrous in its wonder compared to the other Jewels of the Prime Cosmos. The Proxian-Hexary enacted great works upon that Galaxy, further exuding its brilliance to attract their creators   The Proxian-Hexary forged a new form of life, different from themselves but still made of the materium of the Galaxy. This life would be responsible for manifesting an energy not present anywhere else in the entirety of creation. The Proxian-Hexary engineered this new energy, this Void Essence, so it would be far removed from the Dothenians so as to be anathema to them and obstruct their capacity to retain cohesion of their Navi’taas.   With great abandon and recklessness the Dothenians came. Far they had fallen from their prominence and grace, now, not much more than a braying horde consumed with the drive to sate their lust. To immerse themselves in the matter and energies of the Galaxies, warping time and space and shaking lose the structure of order and chaos; such was the debauched obscenity of the Dothenians.   Great numbers of Dothenians converged on the Galaxy in their terrible haste. In that moment of arrival was treachery revealed, the Void Essence sundering the Dothenians Navi’taas and casting them back to the Etherium from whence they came.   Those Dothenians who were slower in their haste were witnesses to the vest undoing of their kin and in their wretched grief fled to the farthest Galaxies of the Prime Cosmos to be away from such terrible deceit, unable to enact vengeance of any sort.   The Proxian-Hexary observed their plan unfold with heavy sorrow and no small regret. Though what they did was necessary to protect what remained of the Galaxies, for the salvation of all creation laid within them and that is no minor trinket.   Those Dothenians who were cast back to their Etherium became Banished. The Banished had little recollection of their demise, due to the corruption of Oblivion. The Overseers of the Etherium gazed upon the Banished, seeing the corruption in them as a person might be seen with a sickness, and so imprisoning the Banished to contain the corruption for fear of it spreading. However, the quarantine did not hold, the corruption could not be stayed. The Overseers could not bring their full might to bare against their children. Conflict erupted across this Etherium Plane, and from that conflict came forth three new powers; The Banished, The Harbingers, and the Heralds.   Those Dothenians who remained in the Prime Cosmos fractured and descended into anarchy. It would be many aeons before they returned to try and finish what they’d begun.   The Proxian-Hexary, now without purpose or leadership, took refuge within the Galaxy they’d laid their trap in, trusting in what they’d created to protect them from any reprisal and, should the situation be so dire, be in a position to protect what they’d given life to. As it was, salvation was to be had, a new entity, born of the Void Essence the Proxian-Hexary had created but in the guise of a Dothenian of benevolent intent, came forth to provide guidance and leadership to the bereft race.


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