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Gods and Galaxies

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Welcome to Gods and Galaxies! Set in the Caelum Galaxy and part of a wider alternate universe, G&G is to be a grand setting for great and terrible events. The history of the Caelum Galaxy stretches far back into the distant and incredible past of its wider universe, where the machinations of ancient beings transpired to set in motion events of a tumultuous and dire nature.   The G&G project is to create a fictional universe filled with characters, factions, conflict and resolution. Gods and Galaxies is designed to be as broad as it is deep to create a rich and complex narrative in which other creatives folks can engage with and contribute. The in-universe history runs deep, with its own creation story, two in fact; one which is what some of the denizens of the universe hold to be an accurate and true recollection of the universe's foundation. The other is what actually happened. However this is known, in-universe, to even fewer than who know what is believed to be accurate and true.   As mentioned, this fiction is being crafted with the intent to be open for other creatives to par take in whichever way they see fit. Whether it is a piece of artwork, a 3D model, a musical score, a single character or even a whole faction! Any all help is welcome. I am just one man slowly chipping away at this enormous endeavour and I am under no illusion as to the scale of what I am attempting to do. Some parts of this great undertaking are well thought and fleshed out others are just concepts, a bare skeleton and each day I try and add something.   A little about what Gods and Galaxies actually is; On the face of it this is a piece of Science Fiction, however what I am trying to achieve with this is to take tropes and concepts from the fantasy genre and skin it with science fiction. Of course this is not original, but I am trying to do my best with the ideas which have inspired me and stories I loved growing up.   So please, if this has piqued your curiosity, grabbed your attention and even garnered your interest, get in touch, ask any question you wish and I am more than happy to answer or fail in the attempt!   Contact me via [email protected] Facebook page - Also find the Discord server below   Thanks again!