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Daughters of the Mother

A group of all female priestesses in service to the Goddess of Beginnings. Healers by trade, they can be found commonly throughout Sindora healing the sick and wounded for meager wages.

Public Agenda

To spread the word and love of the Goddess of Beginnings, using her holy magics to heal the sick and wounded, hopefully in doing so converting some to their religion.

Divine Origins

Formally founded in 15 PC by Lilian Smith during a time that hundreds of religions orders were popping up, the Daughters of the Mother persevered and lasted over the centuries because of its favor and direct connection to the Goddess herself. It is believed by some the order's founder was the actual mortal daughter to the All Mother herself, a product of her time in mortal form during the Collapse. Many dismissed this as a rumor, but regardless it spread and many flocked to the Daughters and Lilian Smith as the true chosen of the All Mother.

Tenets of Faith

All of the Mother's children are equal, from the highest of kings to the lowest of urchins.

All of the Mother's children deserve forgiveness. Forgive, even if you cannot forget.

All of the Mother's children deserve a second chance. Heal those you have the power to heal.

All of the Mother's children deserve love. Give to those who cannot give to themselves.


Typically, the daughters wear muted colors and robes, believing vanity of any kind leads to a life of sin. However, it is rare to see a daughter without a holy symbol hanging from their necks--a depiction of two silver hangs outstretched as if to welcome and embrace. It truely is a beautiful peice, crafted with great care and elegance.

They are pacifists by creed, forbidden to use their holy magics for violence. When in danger they are expected to pickup a pitchfork to defend themselves before dirtying the Mother's gifts with blood.


Initiate: young girls adopted into the order and taught the ways of The Goddess.

Daughter: A full priestess of the order, these are young healers that set off into Sidora on personal three year pilgrimage to "find themselves". Because the order adopts young girls, they believe it is important for each priestess to be with the order because they want to be there, so as adults they are allowed to leave and see what the world has to offer. If they return, they are celebrated and promoted, if they do not return they are mourned and locked out of the order. They are, however, always welcome to visit.

Sister: Experienced healers who returned from their pilgrimages. They oversee young initiates in their training.

Mother: A veteran member of the order to whom the lower members look to for leadership. They oversee day to day affairs at the church, and usually take turns preaching at the alter to their flock.

High Mother: the official face of The Daughters of the Mother, and leader to the order.

Granted Divine Powers

Skilled healers, the daughters rarely use their divine magics for anything else. They are capble of conjuring lights and illusions, and granting blessings of the Mother to allies.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Daughters are respected and celibrated by many in Sindora. They are seen as one of a few religious orders without any political agenda. That said, is well known that the High Mother's favor can sway opinions and choices of governors and those in power.

From her embrace, we rise.

Founding Date
15 PC
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Daughters of Beginnings
The Daughters
Subsidiary Organizations

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