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High Elf

The High Elves are an old and powerful race. Magic runs deep in the blood of the High Elves. Magic is the foundation of Elven society. An Elf’s magical talent and ability determines their place in Elvish society.   The High Elves government is an oddity in Asurus, the Wizard King rules over all of his races cities.   Provinces are ruled by old noble families made up of Sorcerers.   Wizards are given the positions of Mayor for the towns and villages, if the wizard is lucky they will become an advisor for one of these families or the Wizard King.   Bards are seen in every court from the smallest village to the grandest city.   Warlocks rarely engage with the political landscape of the High Elves. They are looked down upon by their fellow spell casters. But they are looked up to by the Elves with no magical ability.   High Elves with little or no magical ability are destined to lead a most mundane life, if they choose to stay.   The cities of the High Elves are found either on the coast or large islands. These cities are the cleanest and safest in all of Asurus. Each city is designed to maximize the collection of magical energies. This is accomplished by placing large towers in precise locations around the city. Each tower have specific magical devices set up in key locations all along the tower. These devices collect magical energies and stores them in large enchanted containers. Any excess energy collected is dispersed throughout the city, giving it an ethereal glow. Some Elves claim this is why the live such long and healthy lives. There are few single story buildings in the High Elf cities. The buildings are stacked on top of eachother and crammed together.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

High Elves live on either coast lines or islands.

Civilization and Culture

Major organizations

The Wizard King, The Council of Sorcerers.

Common Taboos

The use of Dwarven or Human technology.

750 years
Average height
1.8 - 2.0 Meters
Average weight
80 kg - 90 kg

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