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Gods are beings that originate from extra-planar sources that appear (or are "born") from the essence of the universe itself. Once born, they are seemingly expelled from their extra-planar heritage and confined to the mortal plane.   Gods are often born when a new concept or idea is needed in order to maintain balance. For example, Everon, the God of Bravery in Suffering was born when the world was in the midst of war and needed bravery in order to continue on.   Gods usually are born with a set of defining traits, or domains. They can typically manipulate what falls under their domain. For example, Astularis, the Goddess of the Heavenly Bodies can manipulate the stars.   All gods can change their own appearances at will. However, sometimes, certain things that are vital to their identities cannot be changed, and scars or injuries given by another god are permanant.   The term "God" is the default title for every god. However, if one wishes, a god can identify as a "Goddess", though it is not mandatory and many female-identifying gods still go by their default title.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

All Gods have a "mortal", corporeal, humanoid form, though sometimes they have certain embellishments such as wings. Gods also can become incorporeal, and their incorporeal form is usually related to their domain. For example, Astularis, the Goddess of the Heavenly Bodies takes the form of a constellation in the night sky. However an incoporeal form can also be invisible.

Biological Traits

There are no universal traits among gods, as they are as varied as their domains. However, they all have a mortal form and an incorporeal form. It takes practice, but a God can for the most part manipulate their appearance at will.   All Gods are androgynous at birth. Many choose to adopt pronouns, a gender and a sex.   Some gods have a faint glow emanating from their skin, hair, or eyes. Another unique trait found only in gods are wings.   All Gods emanate an aura of their energy at all times that they themselves and other gods can sense. It is extremely difficult to hide an aura. It is often how Gods identify each other. Experienced mortals (such as The Monks of Ruinity are able to sense these auras as well. These auras tell the receiver the name of the God and their general personality/mood.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gods can reproduce by forming their energies together if they so choose, resulting in a diverse child. However, one god by themselves can produce a child by splitting their energy in two. This method creates a child that is very similar to the parent, but still a unique individual in their own right. However, most gods are still formed by raw extra-planar energies by the universe, as detailed in the intro.

Growth Rate & Stages

When a god is made by the universe, they are produced fully-formed, in early adulthood. When a god is made through reproduction, they start as a baby. Growth rates are twice that of a normal human: by ten years, the god is in early adulthood.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gods do not have to eat, but they are able to if they wish.

Biological Cycle

Gods do age physically, but the process is extremely slow. Stress seems to hasten the aging process, with the example being Murana, the Goddess of the Changing Seasons .

Additional Information

Social Structure

There is very little innate social structure, but generally, the older the god, the more respected they are. Domain also plays an important role in power: the more broad and important the domain, the more respected the god. An example of a highly respected god would be Coronar, the God of Justice and Retribution . An example of a less respected God would be Oulan, the God of Stealth and Concealment .

Average Intelligence

Smart. Gods are naturally knowledgeable in their domains, with some being knowledgeable in others.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Some gods, because of their domain, have innate "Sixth sense"- such as Coronar's ability to detect injustice.   These senses are as varied as the gods themselves.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Gods are born with innate names, even when formed through reproduction.

Beauty Ideals

In shape, flawless bodies are considered ideal. However, beauty is not of very much importance, as gods can change their forms at will (with exceptions).

Gender Ideals

All gods are born with no gender: most adopt some form of gender identity and pronouns, though there are no expectations that come with them.

Courtship Ideals

The idea of courtship was taken from the mortal world.   (There's probably a god of love WiP)

Relationship Ideals

Gods universally value honesty above all else in a relationship.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Gods have an ability called Godspeak: they speak, and everyone around them can understand what they're saying. They can also understand all mortal languages. However, Gods can go out of their way to learn mortal languages if they wish to speak one language at a time. When languages are learned like this, most Gods pick up accents.

Common Etiquette Rules

All gods know each other based on their auras, so introducing someone is seen as rude.   Ignoring another God is incredibly rude. If two gods see each other, even if one is attempting to be in disguise, it is expected that they come over and initiate conversation about what they are doing. Being secretive is something that is not looked kindly upon.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

There is a distinct lack of purely God culture. Any culture that the Gods may have is centered around Mortals.

Common Taboos

Bringing up the Treaism, or what happened to either Te Kaphus or the God of Life, is a touchy subject and not to be discussed in casual conversation. It makes many Gods very uncomfortable.


In the previous iteration of the universe, The God of Ruins and What Once Was was born and operating in an unknown domain.   In the current iteration of the universe, the planet was formed, and the first Gods came shortly after. Some of the first gods were Astularis, the Goddess of the Heavenly Bodies , Murana, the Goddess of the Changing Seasons , and, of most notably, The God of Life (???) and Te Kaphus, the God of the Underworld and the Keeping of the Dead . The God of Life formed the first life to inhabit the planet. He formed mortals not too long after.   With the birth of mortals came the birth of more Gods. Gods such as Coronar, the God of Justice and Retribution and Librio, God of Knowledge and Learning were born as civilization developed.   The biggest event in the history of the gods was the Treaism when the old and venerable god Te Kaphus declared war on the mortal world. Te Kaphus ended up being defeated, and the God of Life disappeared.

Historical Figures

The God of Life (???)   Te Kaphus, the God of the Underworld and the Keeping of the Dead   These are the only two gods known to have disappeared, or perhaps even died.

Common Myths and Legends

Speculation about what happened to Te Kaphus or the God of Life, though not taken lightly, is common. Explanations range from them both disappearing into the Underworld, to being cast out of this plane, to time travel, etc. The list goes on.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Gods have a strange view of mortals. Sometimes, mortals are seen as mere resources: something to be fought over and collected. Other times, Gods see their role is to aid mortals in their ventures. Some Gods live for the approval of mortals ( Bravana/Bravaron, the God of Acting and Entertainment is one of them).   Gods know that they are better and above mortals, but mortals are a primary factor driving their lives. Mortals give purpose to many of their domains.

Genetic Descendants
Theoretically, infinite
Average Height
Most mortal forms fall within the average mortal height range, though there can be exceptions.
Average Physique
Most Gods choose to take the appearance of young, attractive mortals, though there are notable exceptions, and situations where this is no longer possible. Truly old Gods, or Gods that have been under a lot of stress, cannot reverse their signs of aging.

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