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Wizard Frogs

Ribbit. Zap. Ribbit.

All frogs are magical, this is a fact.   This too is also a fact. The frogs that live on Goatworld use their magic to hide, casting invisibility spells on themselves. Why do they do this, you might ask? Well, it's a well-known tidbit that all of the goats on Goatworld are absolutely terrified of frogs. Thus they remain a secret because every frog, deep-down, knows that scaring anyone is an unkind act. They are lead by the Council of the Six Ribbits, a group of wise frogs that are respected by their peers for their powerful magic, kindnesses and social skills.  

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

They live alongside the goats. The frogs of Goatworld are inherently social creatures and enjoy being around goats, but they do not interact with them. Frogs shelter in small pocket dimensions that they create for themselves. This pocket dimension is comfortable but only the size of a bed.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These frogs do not eat flies or insects, as none exist on Goatworld. Instead, they eat bright-red berries named "Goatji Berries".

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are commonly found in urban and rural areas around the cities in Ahahwuh's Order. The Iron-Goat Empire is a tad too scary for them. They do not live in houses, rather they prefer the freedom provided to them by the gardens, streets and alleyways.

Average Intelligence

Wizard Frogs are both sentient and sapient, capable of intelligent thought and reasoning. They are typically quite wise and kind to others. Frogs have a free education system, and many have graduated from Tadpole University.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It's like a frog but magical.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They only have first names and titles given to them by the Council for great acts. Their first names sound sing-songy and they sing when speaking one another's names.   First Names: La-di-da, Key-ko, Kwa-Kwa-Key Titles: the Bearer of Rings, the Mage Supreme, the Amphibious

Major Organizations

The Council of the Six Ribbits
The Wizard Frog leaders.
The frog-guild dedicated to invisibility and stealth magic.


Frogs arrived on Goatworld one-hundred years ago as settlers from another world. As they travelled to Goatworld their vessel flew through one of the mana-clouds that gifted the Runehorn goats with their telekinetic abilities. These clouds changed them, blessing them with potent magical abilities. Upon early contact with Goatkind, they realised that they must stay hidden, learning how to harness their magical talents in the ways of stealth, as was decreed by the Council of the Six Ribbits.
Scientific Name
Froggus Wizzardium
Average Length
20 centimetres
Mood Music

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21 Aug, 2018 07:26

I have to admit that this doesn't seem a very serious entry..... But you know what the hell to the serious..... And let's just enjoy :)

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Precisely :D

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