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The Caledunians are the human inhabitants of the Hammer peninsula. They are descendants of Asturians and allied peoples who were resettled there by their own government. Some were once soldiers who were given this opportunity as a reward, some were slaves or criminals brought there as labour. Others were opportunists who wanted to try their luck in this new land.   Over several centuries after it's conquest, the Asturian Empire spared no resources in developing the region for it's colonists, but neglected the native Hhrar cities which suffered greatly due to this. Many were abandoned, but Karakor, previously gaining the favour of the Asturians by surrendering flourished.   This favouritism led to the two populations' increasing hate towards eachother. Karakor played the negotiator many times between feuding factions but it too lost it's influence in the final centuries of the Asturian Empire, leading to open rebellions against imperial rule. The region suffered greatly because of this. Many of the fortifications of the Hammer were built during this time in preparation of total war.   A mere three years after the imperial garrison officially left the peninsula for good, a war broke out between the Caledunians and the Hhrar which lasted for four decades and saw both sides almost defeating the other at times. However, in the wake the Akkanid Empire's threat, the two sides signed an armistice and agreed to fight the common enemy. From this cooperation, the seeds of the Covenant were planted.   The Caledunians, now united with their old enemies suddenly became a great power of the region and continued to do so into the present day. Altough, the unity of the Covenant quickly disintegrated into warring factions led by the most powerful and richest cities, such as Karakor and Anceladun. While armed conflicts are the rarest by far, the Covenant is direly in need of a central authority.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Ancar, Menc, Samain, Ems, Catat


Major language groups and dialects

The Caledunians speak a language that is the amalgamation of ancient Asturian and several other languages, even borrowing many words from Hrarish.

Major organizations

Caledunians make up about the third of the population the Covenant, making them a powerful presence in the Hammer peninsula and beyond. Their cities, such as Anceladun or Partnis are rich and have a large influence over life in the Covenant.
Parent ethnicities
Related Locations

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