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The Alliance of the Smiths

The Alliance of the Smiths is a treaty between elves and dwarves that ensures peace of the two nations. Along with the creation of this treaty, an organization was created by the two nations named the Order of the Smiths. The treaty was named the Alliance of the Smiths because both dwarves and elves shared passion and talent in smiths. This was one of the few similarities between the two nations.


The Smith's Treaty was reinforced by the organization of the Order of the Smiths. The order was mainly about cooperation between to elven style of iron work and the dwarven style. The order was also charged with the responsibility of keeping peace between those who opposes the treaty. For the organization's works, the stronghold Snow's End became as the order's headquarters.


This alliance was founded by the leader of the dwarves of Icerillion and the leader of the elves of the Red Woods. The two leaders agreed to form a truce and alliance to stop further rivalry between elves and dwarves, especially after the Era of Darkness. The alliance was supported by the Wardens of the Central Realm, the North-Western Realm, and the Northern Realm, so the alliance reigns over the three lands. The alliance was signed at the northern most land of the North-western Realm and the southern most land of the Northern Realm. At that place, the two fractions built a castle stronghold named Snow's End. This castle acted as a trading post for the two nations and the headquarters of the Order of the Smiths.


The Alliance of the Smiths will be broken if either of these terms are crossed:
  • Either side is attacked by the other
  • One nation must aid the other when help requested
  • If this alliance is broken, the dwarves and elves are likely to rival against one and the other again, until a new treaty is formed.

    "Stone and Silver, bounded by the forge."

    Founding Date
    1254, The Age of Alliance
    Research, Council
    Alternative Names
    The Smith's Treaty

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