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Law of Magic: Vier (Fourth Law)

While you may have the gift, do not forget that other items may have the same gift as you have.
— Law of Magi: Vier


Every being here in Gixíra already has magic, but all of the items, materials, and other non-living things only have magical capabilities. Everything that is not living is used for magic because of the magical capabilities everything has. The capabilities that each item has is different from each other for example, you have two sticks with the same height, weight, length, volume, and mass, but the only thing different is their capabilities to be used to cast magic. From the materials that you use to a mighty want that a powerful sorcerer use may have a chance that they have the same magical capabilities.
  Because of this knowledge, people started to use items to cast magic with out energy. People have also started to use the magical energy of some items instead of using their own magical energy. For an example, people resort into using using herbs as healing or they would use runes to cast a spell if they didn't have energy to cast magic.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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