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Clover Whitthorn

Clover Whithorn is a halfling bard with shoulder length, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Her whole face is covered in freckles. She dresses extravagantly, in bold colors and with lots of jewelry. She carries a lyre harp and can often be heard filling quiet moments playing it, although her primary for of artistic expression is not music, but epic poetry.   Clover speaks in dramatic rhyme, treating every conversation as a performance. However, when she's truly upset or frightened, she drops the pretense. She is loud and braggadocious, but when things go south, she's a coward and only out for herself.

Quest Hook: A Dangerous Affair

Clover has been attempting to win the heart of Duke Silvus's handsome son, Kellen. Unfortunately, Kellen is already betrothed to Lady Rodolfo, a noblewoman known far and wide for her skill with a blade. Offended by Clover's brazen overtures, Lady Rodolfo has challenged Clover to a duel.   Clover can be found at a bar, drinking away her anxiety over the duel, which is set for the following day. It is relatively easy to get her talking about her predicament, in the hopes that someone will step in to help her. She will easily confess that she's considering stealing away in the night, perhaps to another town where she can make a name for herself.  

A Roving Performer

Clover is vaguely nomadic, hanging around a town until she manages to get in trouble with the law, pick a fight with somebody, or find herself unwelcome in the local bars, at which point she packs up and moves on to the next one. She makes her money by a combination of performance and scams, often guilting, tricking, or exaggerating her way into her payment. She desperately wants to be a famous bard, but so far her work hasn't struck anyone as particularly special.   She was born in a small town to a large family. When traveling performers came to town occasionally, she wasn't allowed to see them — her parents, who ran the local general store, felt that such types were a bad influence on children, hedonistic and irresponsible. Naturally, teenaged Clover began sneaking out to see them. She immediately fell in love with the image of fame, luxury, and acclaim that these travelers gave off. When she turned seventeen, her parents made an agreement with the town weaver to take Clover in on an apprenticeship. At the thought of living out her days behind a loom, Clover panicked. She ran away from home that very night. She hasn't seen or been in contact with her family since, and takes a wide berth around their hometown when traveling, scared to ever have to face them.  
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"Good Sir! I'll take another round. I've tried, but I have not yet drowned."
Age 30
Gender Female
Occupation Bard
Alignment True Neutral
Sexuality Straight

What Clover Wants

Clover wants to make a name for herself as a performer, ideally becoming comfortably rich and widely admired along the way.

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