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Khonio has a great trading network between the two but are often looked over by bandits. They have great fishing communities and fair share of diversity including a large majority of Tieflings. Khonio is looked over by the human noble Thane Sidwell


Khonio is a mainly Human and Dwarvish populated city. Most of the populace is middle to lower class citizens and many of them work as mines, lumber workers, and fishers.


The government is a Monarchy and Khonio is run by Thane Sidwell who was appointed by King Denimir.


There is a small garrison of troops along with a town watch and most of the bridges can be raised.

Industry & Trade

Most of the inhabitants are miners, lumberers, or fishers so the mostly export in those areas. They get many imports from across Ezora and supply Ezora with many minerals from the mountains.


Khonio is mainly built has a fisherman town so there is many watermills and bridges in the Town. There is many Lumber camps on the outskirts of the town and many blast furnaces for returning ores from the mountains.


There are an average amount of shops that hold gear for adventurers.

Guilds and Factions

Khonio is controlled by the Silver League.


Khonio was founded in 1190 A.M. by the Sidwell family and has been near the base of the Ashen mountians supplying Ezora for many years.


Not many people visit Khonio since there is not much to see. Those that do might pass through so they can see the mountains.


Most of the Buildings are made of wood and stone with the Silver League Banner adorning the sides.


Khonio is located in the Blackwood forest near the Ashen Mountain range. It is also next to the River of Ash.

Natural Resources

Khonio has access to the natural resorces of the nearby river, forest and mountains.
Founding Date
1190 A.M.
Alternative Name(s)
The Ashen City
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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