Stepmorian Empire

The Stepmorian Empire, one of the worlds most aggressive countries, behind only the Tribes of Sheyeda.   With a population of 11.4 million souls, and around 220 towns, cities, and villages, It holds the most amount of people, land, and towns. It is the largest country in all of (placeholder), outmanning all its enemies.   It has a puppet state in the Kingdom of Eagleminsia, with Eagleminsia essentially being a renamed Stepmorian Empire.    At war with every country, and even some of the tribes that are not unified, Stepmor's people are beginning to question the point of the war, although those who speak out against it are quickly convinced otherwise.


Ronebore, The Burning |Emperor| Emperor's right hand man | Emperor's left hand man


Stepmorians are a violent people, believing that they, and their god, should be in complete control.

Public Agenda

To take land for our own, to spread our influence to all that oppose us and our god.


With a highly industrialized economy, the Stepmorian Empire churns out lower quality mechs, equipment, and supplies. With the highest amount of unified population, they personify quantity over quality.


When the gods decided to stop humans from running amok, some took it more literally, like Ronebore, The Burning, who took control of the beginnings of the Stepmorian empire, creating a radical country.


With a military focused almost purely on overwhelming force, they outnumber even their largest enemy by 3 to one. Though their military is not as well trained. Split into three parts (Ground forces, Air forces, Naval forces) their military structure is considered simplistic by other countries   Ground forces:  The most common of the Stepmorian Imperial military, they focus on crushing their enemy with their mechs and shredding them with bullets. Their special forces, the Royal Executioners, use heavy artillery mechs, with no care for collateral casualties.   Air forces:   An underdeveloped part of the Stepmorian Imperial millitary, their propeller driven areoplanes operate off ground bases and carrier ships, unlike Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt's Abteilung für Wolke-Abwehr, that operate off of areoships, or the Muutaman Maan Meteorisuihku, that seem to come down from nowhere. The Air forces have no specilized forces, as their only job is to keep enemy areo forces occupied.   Naval forces:  Assisting the Ground forces, the Naval forces rely on immense battleships, with large cannons and lots of guns. The Naval forces have a small special forces group, the Swordfish, that don't simply work on the seas, with their job being to strike anywhere the emperor sees fit, backed with the heavy supportive fire of their ships.   The Royal Guardsmen:  While not being an official branch, the Royal Guardsmen are the best Stepmor has to offer, working directly under the Emperors orders, the Royal Guardsmen handle assassination, espionage, and pure violence.


The Education in Stepmor is a hot debate, with some parents wanting more say in their choice of schools, and the Empire choosing where the students go to school.

The subjugation of the weak, for the strong.

Founding Date
Unknown (Somepoint in BSE)
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Stepmor Empire
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Economic System
Palace economy
Knezra: Small paper currency, inflated to incredible amounts. where a single Währung equals nearly 10,000 Knezra.
Legislative Body
Stepmor has no legislative body other than the emperors will.
Judicial Body
Stepmor has a minimalistic Judicial body, so the Emperor doesnt have to deal with the trivial.
Executive Body
The Emperor and their military enforce all forms of law in Stepmor, where stealing is punishable by death.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


Whitehowlers work in the Stepmor Empire, albeit minimally.

At war

While not in a constant war. The forces of the two countries, whenever in close contact, begin a skirmish.


Though not in a constant war, the Commonwealth is very aggressive towards Stepmorian military, and vise versa.


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