It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Herr Magol. As alvays, you never fail to disapoint me. I look forvard to zhe next mech you design for us. Have a vonderful day.
Mechanik General Isaak Riemenschneider, speaking to Geschäftsführer Andre Spritz about Magol's designs.
  Magol was formed in 2145 by an former employee of the now bankrupt Säule Technik after a manager was abusive to them. After the employee left, they began working on a design that the higher ups at Säule threw away. Magol exploded, and became a large part of Heimawelt industry, taking over contracts as Säule fell.  
Vell, Herr Spritz, I believe zhis vill help both of our companies. I zhank you for your involvment in zhe development process for zhis, your veapons cannot be beat.
— Johann Hecker, having dinner with Andre Spritz over a joint mech design
  Magol actively works along side other mech designer companies, including those abroad, designing new mechs, or supplying weapons for them.   The current leader of Magol is the war hero Generalfeldwebel im Ruhestand Andre Magol Spritz, who has been running the company for the last 21 years. Andre inherrited the company from his father and, due to his time in the military, improved the mech designs that were being put out, as he knew what they needed.


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Public Agenda

Creation of strong and usable mechanical devices for the defense and offence of the goals of Alles Als Eins Heimatwelt.

Technological Level

As Alles Als Eins Heimatwelts forward force in creating combat ready mechanized forces, they have a large reserch and development team, with some researchers coming from Muuntaman Maan.

Protection of the armed forces

Founding Date
Corporation, Research & Development
Leader Title
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