Jorge Magnar Hemmingsen {WIP}

Generaloberst (a.k.a. Dørbryter)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jorge is massive person, standing at a whopping 7 foot 5 inches, or 2.3 meters tall. And weighing 400lbs, or 181 kilos. With tree trunk arms, Jorge could easily carry the Wimban Machine gun he used in wartime (Which weighed around 250 pounds), along with extra ammo for it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jorge Magnar Hemmingsen was born to Trisha Pust and Andre Grisbaum, a Muutaman Maan Commonwealther, and a Heimatwelter, respectfully. Raised in Heimatwelt, Jorge took the country as his own, although his body catered more towards his mother. Living for 170 years, Jorge has been through all the major wars in the last 200 years, fighting alongside legends like Ted Kilmartin, the Whitehowler master of swords, and Kai Haselberger, the Heimatwelt tank ace. Though Jorge is a legend in and of himself, leading increasengly larger groups of Weltuntergänger, until his honorable discharge at the end of the last major war. Jorge, known to the Weltuntergänger by his nickname, Dørbryter (Door Breaker). After his retirement at the age of 130 or so, he moved to a small ranch in the center of Heimatwelt, living a quiet life, raising horses, dogs, and farming, along with adopting orphaned children and raising them.


Jorge spends a large amount of his down time in Lautenweibe, mainly at the library, reading as many books as he can get his hands on. As such, he has a large expanse of knowledge, along with his military training. Most times, if someone needs to know something, Jorge is able to dredge up information about it. His ranch house has a massive library, along with a full shelf of Jorge's journals from his travels, which holds information about old ruins, and cultures of the Godless lands, along with some cook books and manuals that he's written about certain things.


All Jorge has ever really known was fighting in the Weltuntergänger, except for the time that he owned a firearms company, leading raging soldiers through cities, and strongholds. Or training said soldiers in how to destroy certain things. Now, as a retired soldier turned farmer, Jorge is learning more of the homeland.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Many of Jorge's exploits are classified, due to their highly sensetive nature. Rumors circulate that he activly attacked the capitol of Stepmor with a group of Weltuntergänger, or that he attacked a large, well protected naval base. Other rumors include the time that he snuck into the emperors office and stole documents, or the time that he and 15 Weltuntergänger, along with a group of Küstenbrecher, attacked a carrier off the coast and either sunk it, or captured it.

Failures & Embarrassments

Though there is no documented failures of Jorge, there is likely that some happened, or at the very least high losses in combat. There have been a couple times in his non military carreer that Jorge has very nearly gone bankrupt. That is one of the main reasons he sold his firearms company to the Whilehowlers.

Mental Trauma

One has to look deep into Jorge's mental state to find any trauma, as he has had many, many years to learn how to cope with it. The most noticable times are when someone comes up behind him unexpectly, when something falls and makes a loud noise, or when someone draws a knife, or other similar object.
Current Location
Date of Birth
Year of Birth
49830 170 Years old
Current Residence
Gratis Hjemmeranch
Black Sclera, Blue eyes
Military cut, blonde. Full Walrus mustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mostly pale, with slight tan around arms and face
Göttin der Moral
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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