Heimatwelter Dress Uniform

The Heimatwelt Dress Uniform (HDU) is a dark black uniform wore by Heimatwelt soldiers during ceremonies and the like.   The uniform consists of shined black boots, With buckled blouse straps going over the ends of the black suit pants. Depending on the ceremony the soldier will wear a sword on the grey belt that goes over their waist. The undershirt must be white, with av-neck. The soldiers dogtags must be visible if the button up is removed. The button up itself is a charcoal grey. And can be worn during summer ceremonies for safety, no matter if the blouse is being worn or not, the button up gets tucked neatly into the trousers. The black blouse goes down just past the waistline of the trousers and is never tucked in. The bottom hem has light gold stitching, and the buttons themselves are gold. Two buttons on the cuffs for resizing, and three buttons on the chest of the blouse. If wearing the blouse the black tie must be worn, and secured with the Heimatwelter flag tie clip. The cover varies on rank. Lower ranks wear a flight cap, while NCOs up to Generalfeldwebel wear Field grade service caps. The officers wear their ranks on said field grade caps, while the enlisted and NCOs wear theirs on their shoulders,


A Heimatwelt soldier wearing dress uniform is either coming from a diplomatic meeting, a promotion or review board, or anything that requires more pomp and customs
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Owning Organization
Issued to all Heimatwelt active military, it is quite common to see.
Varies on user
Base Price
100 Währung


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