Göttin der Moral

While no one is quite sure why the gods are the way they are, most people can agree Ellara, and by turn, the people who believe in her, are some of the most relaxed, and kindest people in the world. They try their best to follow the rules and laws that Ellara laid out when she first brought the Heimatwelters together. Most Heimatwelters have a deep respect for Ellara, with some not caring completely, although most Heimatwelters have seen Ellara, so their belief is hard set.

Mythology & Lore

Long before the people of Gi tis synkomidís sidírou were writing history down and were constantly fighting amongst themselves, the gods decided to step in, gathering groups of persons who they desired. Creating the first countries. At the beginning, there were nearly 20 gods, but Ronebore, the god of destruction, decided that he, alone, should be the one to rule the world, with his perfect creatures. He waged a war against the rest of the gods and their people, slaughtering his way across the world. Three gods, Ellara, the Goddess of Morals, Honmosia, the Goddess of Honor, and Ubas, the God of Intellect. Bringing their armies, and those of one of the fallen gods, Nagian, the God of The Hunt, who once lead the first Whitehowlers. They pushed Ronebore back, creating an unstable peace. The gods then agreed they themselves would no longer intrude in the macinations of man. Although they were allowed to lead them.   Ellara, who had once been a sister to the god of war, decided she held no desire to lead the Heimatwelters, instead laying down the Die acht Kardinalregeln der Moral, to assist them. Then settled down, hiding among her people, occasionally appearing during ceremonies and rituals. Sometimes befriending normal citizens.

Tenets of Faith

Die acht Kardinalregeln der Moral
  • Erstens: Behandle andere so, wie du selbst behandelt werden möchtest.
  • Zweitens: Respektiere die anderen Götter.
  • Drittens, wenn eine Person Hilfe braucht, tun Sie alles, was Sie können, um ihr zu helfen.
  • Viertens: Nimm nichts, was dir nicht gehört.
  • Fünf: Vergießen Sie nicht das Blut derer, die nicht Ihre Feinde sind.
  • Sechs: Sagen Sie nicht, dass Sie etwas tun werden, und tun Sie es dann nicht.
  • Sieben: Behandle die Natur mit Respekt.
  • Achtens, wenn Sie sich in einem anderen Land befinden, befolgen Sie dessen Bräuche, es sei denn, sie verstoßen gegen meine Regeln.
    (The Eight Cardinal Rules of Morality
  • First, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
  • Second: Respect the other gods.
  • Third, if a person needs help, do whatever you can to help them.
  • Fourth, don't take anything that doesn't belong to you.
  • Five: Do not shed the blood of those who are not your enemies.
  • Six: Don't say you're going to do something and then don't do it.
  • Seven: Treat nature with respect.
  • Eighth, if you are in another country, follow its customs unless they are against my rules.)


Ellara will choose leaders of her worship by simply, lightly suggesting in their subconscious that they should go to the temple. If they do, she will inform the head priest that she desires this person as part of the group, afterwards she lets them handle it.

Moral, Intelligenz, Ehre

Founding Date
1/1/0000 SHE
Religious, Holy Order
Head of Government
Permeated Organizations
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