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Adlerflügel-Luftfahrt AL-88

Come see the 'Rosa Engel' at the Rheingengen air show! The five fighter pilots flying the famous ADLERFLÜGEL-LUFTFAHRT AL-88! The pilots will be using simunitions to make passes on captured enemy mechs!
— A flyer passed around for the famous Rose Engel aerobatics teams airshow.
  The pinnacle of Adlerflügel-Luftfahrt Fighter development, the AL-88 is a multipurpose fighter, filling the roles of a Close Air Support fighter, with its bombs, rockets, and cannons. A dogfighter and escort craft, with its 8 13mm machine guns, whopping 1.9k mile range and incredible maneuverability, and even a night fighter, with its highly advanced Assisted Targeting System.   The AL-88 was designed as a ground launched fighter, but during the Battle of the Broken Plateau, an AL-88 pilot landed his stricken fighter on a Luftschiff Carrier. Sparking the idea that the AL-88 could be launched from everywhere, instead of the much lighter HE-221.   After testing, the AL-88T was born, losing the back wheel for a detachable skid, which, when removed, became a hook on landing, to catch the line that was strung across the deck for the planes. The wings were also designed to be folded up. Costing some slight integrity for space.  
"Why does the Koalition never paint the planes in camouflage?"
  "Why should we? The enemy knows the color of the Abteilung für Wolke-Abwehr fighters. They fear the color. Why change it?"
  "The planes are quite literally purple, does that not hinder stealth, or anything?"
  "Not at all, who needs stealth, when there is no one left to see?"
— A conversation between a interviewer and a Jäger
  All Heimatwelt aircraft are painted a deep matte purple. During the beginning stages of air to air combat, the planes were repainted for certain theaters of war. Pilots started not painting their fighters, as it wasted time while moving the planes. It begun sticking when Stepmorian Pilots would retreat from purple planes, but would engage camo planes, due to a team of aces who never bothered to paint their planes. Afterwards, the pilots just left their planes purple, causing Stepmorian Bi-planes to be wary of any Heimatwelter plane, as they could never know which one was an ace, and which one was just a normal pilot.

Power Generation

One 14 cylinder air-cooled radial piston engine (1677 hp, up to 1953hp for 10 minutes of Emergancy power)


5 bladed controllable pitch propeller

Weapons & Armament

8 9.7mm heavy machine guns, wings   2 20mm cannons, nose   (optional) 1 250lb bomb under fuselage, 2 16 Unguided Rocket Pods (or) 6 100lb bombs under wings

Additional & auxiliary systems

2 exterior fuel tanks   ATS (Assisted Targeting System)
Knurren (Growl)
262,000 Währung
34' 6"
29' 4"
10' 4"
7,055 lbs (Full: 9,738)
Complement / Crew


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