Lizardfolk Phrases

As an egg-laying reptilian-humanoid race the lizardfolk language has several idioms that focus on their physicality, specifically their tails, eggs. While the lizardfolk have a matriarchal ruler, they use a male-centric language.  


"Hiding with the hatchlings" - When someone is hiding with the hatchlings, they are considered cowardly and avoiding responsibility.   "A little egg" - This phrase describes someone who is acting immature, implying their brains haven't developed or hatched properly.   "My tail's listen" - Talk to the tail, cause I'm done.   "Are you a lizard or a frog?" - Frogs are notorious for drawing attention to themselves and looking out for themselves instead of the group. Lizardfolk consider the comparison to be distasteful and insulting.   "Your tail's crooked" - Lizardfolk use their tails to help maintain balance and steer while in the water. Someone whose tail is crooked is making a mistake.   "Hot-blooded" - While lizard-folk are warm-blooded, they are significantly more susceptible to climate changes. This reinforces the prized lizardfolk trait of situational awareness that someone who is hot-blooded does not use. A lizardfolk accused of being hot-blooded is impulsive.   "He needs to sharpen his spear" - They are not the smartest or most useful person in the group.   "He has shells in his feet" - Shell fragments in ones feet are quite painful. Someone described as having shells in their feet is someone who is angry.  

Everyday Phrases

"He's caught a cricket" - A phrase to describe a lizardfolk whose voice is hoarse.   "Zirift hrada, zirift laham" - This traditional lizardfolk saying roughly translates into common as May your bellies be full and your spear be sharp.   "By Semuanya's scales" - A phrase used to express a desired outcome.   "There's a strange taste on my tongue" - Feeling uncertain, having a bad feeling about this.   "By the scales" - One of the most versatile phrases used to express anything from surprise, disbelief, and excitement.   "Shatter it" - A phrase muttered or shouted in moments of frustration. If someone is described as shattering, they are angry and should be avoided.   "Shards" - A phrase of disappointment, referring to a shattered or smashed egg.   "Soft scales/dry skin/hot blood": A common lizarfolk term for humans and elves.   "With clear mud pits" - When a lizardfolk describes something has happening with clear mud pits they are expressing doubt the event will ever happen.   "I can do that with my tail chopped" - The task is considered easy and effortless.


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