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Getou-ei, from the Japanese language means "Gateway".
  Getou-ei is an ancient land, thousands of years old. Its population, culture, and technology have all advanced at a steady pace. 500 seasons ago, the Council of Nine, made up of nine wizards, tasked with technological advancement for all nations, created a system of Gateways on each of the continents and main islands. . Merchants, diplomats, explorers, travelers, and yes, even armies could use these gateways to quickly move from one land continent to another and from one nation to another. It cut travel time around the globe from a couple of months, to a couple of seconds. Goods from one nation could be produced and delivered quickly and cheaply to the markets of another nation.
  A Century ago something went terribly wrong with the Gateways. A group of diplomats from the nation of xxxxxxxx, traveling to a treaty negotiation, entered one of the gates, hoping to find themselves in the hallways of the Castle of the King, but sadly at that exact moment that strikes of lightning struck the gate, destroying it to a heap of ruble. On the other side, the lightning flashed through the gate and fizzled out. The diplomats never reached their destination that day.
  However, something did pass through the gate. It was a large, vile, creature; not of this world. The alien was three stories tall, had small, almost unusable arms and hands. The tail was long and powerful, used by the creature to destroy the control platform of the gate. With sharp, long teeth and razor like claws, the creature consumed every living creature within the square. The gigantic creature was finally defeated by the Council of Nine.
  Today, the gates are out of control. For the most part, they work properly. On some occasions, the gateways malfunction and another alien creature(s) enter the world of Getou-ei. Nations have fallen, the world is in chaos. Most of the gateways have been destroyed. Only eight gates remain functioning. Six of them remain in control of those native to Getoj-ei. The final two gates are controlled by alien invaders. But is anybody really in control. We shall see.