Getninia Beginning of the Artashad Dynasty

Beginning of the Artashad Dynasty

Political event


Queen Arax Artashad finishes unifying the Nimearan nobility and elders behind her dynasty, with the swearing of fealty by the outlying halfling communities near the Nabari Plateau. She ascends to the reinstated Throne of Stelara, beginning the Artashad Dynasty, which continues to rule the Kingdom to the modern day.

With much of the former Nimearan realm under Aeillan and later Gallacan control, there were far fewer nobles and elders to consolidate power over.   Though a fraction of the size of the Ancient Kingdom, she proves pragmatic in resolving the petty familial tensions of the human nobility and in settling the tensions with the Kingdom's halfling elders, and creates the current Nimearan system that survives to this day.   Her rule was marked by several reforms meant to stabilise the internal divisions of the country, increasing power to local communities and Ashevite temples.

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