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Ophelia de Souza (/ofelia de susa/)

Οφελια ντε Σουσα

Captain Ophelia Martina de Souza Garza (a.k.a. Ophelia de Souza)

Ophelia de Souza Garza, also known as Captain Ophelia de Souza, a prominent pirate captain in the Black Fleet, the eldest daughter of Admiral de Souza, and his heir presumptive. Ophelia is known an ambitious and aggressive captain often taking on several ships at once, and even surviving combat with a Tymnandros, and bringing great wealth to the Black Fleet, as well as for herself. She is also skilled and intelligent person more generally, becoming a modestly skilled surgeon at the relatively young age of 28, on top of her career in piracy.

Physical Description

Body Features

Ophelia de Souza is a statuesque woman. She possesses a height of one and three quarters meters, and is in good athletic shape, weighing in at sixty one kilograms. She is relatively strong, and a reasonably skilled, though unexceptional combatant. She is exceptionally active, being a captain of an active warship, and maintains an extensive training regimen when she isn't in active combat. When standing next to her father, she seems more than a reasonable successor, bearing the same regal appearance he has, and seeming every bit a would be pirate lord.

Facial Features

Ophelia de Souza looks the most like her late mother of all the de Souza sisters with a relatively broad, round face. She has simple, if elegant features with her dark brown eyes the most notable feature. She wears her shiny black hair long, though often putting it up in simple, practical hairstyles when at sea in order to keep it out of her face. Despite her career, she does take care to keep herself clean and groomed. She is broadly considered attractive by many of her peers but is not widely known as a great beauty, being renowned more for achievement than appearance.

Apparel & Accessories

Ophelia de Souza prefers, like her father, to wear elaborate, vaguely military style uniforms. However, she doesn't have the same need to display wealth in her clothing, and as a result only relatively plan (though still expensive) fabrics are used in her uniforms. She however, does make up for this by wearing the most aggressively ostentatious hats that she can find in the Feloran markets. When going into combat she prefers a comparatively light, tailored breastplate as her primary armor, though it is very clearly of exquisite manufacture.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Feminine She/Her




Ophelia de Souza did not receive a formal education until she was nearly an adult. Instead she was educated by her father, Osvaldo, who tried his best to ensure that she had basic literacy as well as the seamanship skill that had been his success. She was however a capable student, and Osvaldo ensured that she had access to more scholarly sorts as much as he possibly could. Starting at age fourteen she was given a thorough education learning philosophy, mathematics, and religion, as well as some studies of the magical art, though she lacked the talent to apply that knowledge. She continues to further her own education whenever she has time away from her duties, being particularly fond of the study of medicine.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ophelia de Souza is first and foremost known and respected for her command of the Dragón Plateado, the first of the Black Fleet's Dragonships. Commanding the Plateado, she captured several ships, but is most notable for her one ship campaign against the Leandris Company seizing several large transports and their goods and surviving an encounter with the Company's flagship, the Tymnandros Prospathó, at the time despite its overwhelming firepower. After that major success, Ophelia then ran an a blockade through the Spartharoi fleet to deliver illicit supplies to the city of Halion, enabling the Halish to fight off besieging Spartharoi. Outside of piracy, Ophelia has successfully studied medicine to the point where she can serve as a ship's surgeon with the utmost efficacy.

Failures & Embarrassments

Ophelia's career is not with its failings, indeed, before taking command of the of Dragón Plateado, her previous command of the Próspera was fraught with disaster. In command of that ship, she was beaten in several duals, often because she attempted to attack a ship that was much too powerful for the small carrack to handle. Her arrogance in this matter had only been slightly tempered when the Próspera was sunk by the Leandris Company. It is widely believed that if not for the support of her powerful father she would never have been given the opportunity to prove herself.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ophelia de Souza is a much quieter than most of her family, and possesses a reserved, curious personality. In keeping with her relatively large ego, Ophelia is exceptionally competitive, and a voracious learner seeking to prove her intellectual superiority to others. She often comes off as dispassionate to others, seeming cold and quiet. She is quite proud, often taking care to present herself in the best light possible. Ophelia de Souza is lastly, extremely independent, often taking her ship far from Leandris to strike targets far from her home port, and spread fear of the Black Fleet to a much broader area then her sisters, and their subordinates.

Personality Characteristics


Ophelia de Souza is primarily motivated by two things. The first of these, is that Ophelia, much like her father, and much like most other pirates, is motivated by the idea of making as much money as she possibly can. The second of her primary motivations is a desire to prove herself and build prestige as a truly great pirate. Indeed, Ophelia is often seen as overly ambitious in her aims, taking on the Leandris Company directly, an exceptionally dangerous prospect, primarily to seize the massive hauls of goods that the company brings from place to place, as well as the impressive record of taking on one of the most potent force on the high seas.


Ophelia de Souza, is a careful, though not obsessive groomer, though she believes that appearance is important, she places a much stronger emphasis on achievement to obtain her prestige. She keeps herself as clean as is possible, and makes sure that her hair, face, and hands are as well groomed and maintained as is feasible on the high seas. She isn't so fastidious however, as to bring extra cosmetics and perfumes with her. She also takes care to ensure that she is in good and ready shape at all times, in order to avoid being caught unawares in hostile waters.


Family Ties

Ophelia de Souza is connected, almost exclusively to her immediate family. Given that she seems dead set on becoming a pirate lord, she has been somewhat incapable of reaching out to maternal grandparents, and much her mother's family. The only known exception to this is one her cousins, Hector Garza, whom she often uses as a merchant contact in Gallaca. Her father's extended family is mostly dead as is her mother. As a result, her strongest familial ties are with her sisters, Isabel, and Oliva, and her father Osvaldo.

Religious Views

Ophelia de Souza is largely irreligious. Nominally, she is a member of the Pandroi faith, though she is functionally not a part of the Pandroi community, as she hasn't been observed actively participating in any religious ceremonies in many years. When she was younger she did nominally swear herself to Maretal, but as a lay practitioner this was largely a symbolic gesture, and more importantly but she doesn't frequently offer sacrifice to Maretal or any other Pandroi gods. She isn't an active iconoclast but seems disinterested in those who are religious.

Wealth & Financial state

Ophelia de Souza is quite wealthy, having a significant share of wealth, worth perhaps as much as one hundred thousand gold coins, that she has in her own name. She owns and maintains a vast wardrobe and arsenal of well made cloths and tools of the trade that she can keep up with minimal effort due to the wealth that she has. Particularly important pieces she can even have made on commission from master artisans. She does have a modest home in Black Fleet territory on Leandris, but primarily makes her home on her ship.
True Neutral
Date of Birth
10th of Ekkathápedíou AS 2217
Year of Birth
2220 28 Years old
Torrejoven, Gallaca
Current Residence
Palacia Negra
Brown, Prominent
Long, Straight, Warm Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very light olive, smooth
Pandroi (Gallaco-Meridan Pantheistic)
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Aeillan, Gallegan, Dotharic, Hadar

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Cover image: Tropical island coastline scenic image by Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


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