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Marcia Julia Agrippina (/ markia ʝulia agrɪpinɜ /)

Marcia Julia Agrippinia is the current Consul of Artenos, and is a long serving member of the Artenisian Senate. Coming from an ancient and prestigious Ilosi family, she has been seen as a member of the patrician faction. However, her policies have put the lie to this assumption. She has frequently sought to serve as an abolition activist using her power to attack slaver ships and liberate slaves as well as favoring the ascendant mercantile class over her own aristocratic one, allowing the former to dramatically expand the scope and scale of trade and even industry in Artenos. These actions have resulted in Artenos expanding its influence if not its territory to much of Coastal Aeilla. Her use of power has been called into question by more traditionalist forces in Artenos, and it is believed that some secret slaver societies wish to assassinate her, and replace her with a more pliable Consul.