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Isabel de Souza (/i:sabel de susa/)

Ισαμπελ ντε Σουσα

Captain Isabel Amanda de Souza Garza (a.k.a. Isabel de Souza)

Captain Isabel de Souza Garza, known more simply as Isabel de Souza is the youngest child of Osvaldo de Souza and Isabel de Souza. She is also one of the main pirate captains running the daily operations of the Black Fleet. Isabel is generally responsible for running the less violent aspects of the business, handling the legitimate and semi-legitimate trade in Mana potions, and many of the smuggling operations in the fleet. She is also aggressively opposed to slavery and frequently uses the ships under her command to purposefully target slaver ships and liberate their captives. Isabel was the most educated of Osvaldo's daughters and is the only one to have gained a meaningful skill with the arcane arts.

Physical Description

Body Features

Isabel de Souza is the most petite of the de Souza sisters of short stature and slight frame. She stands one and a half meters tall, or perhaps a little shorter, and, thanks to her slender frame, weighs fifty four kilograms. She is a relatively unskilled physical combatant, being better than the average person, but well below the capabilities of a hardened pirate or trained fighter. She keeps herself in relatively good shape due to her long career at sea and isn't physically incapable. However, she is dwarfed completely by all of the other surviving members of her family.

Facial Features

Isabel de Souza posses youthful, and somewhat expressive features, with a small heart shaped face. Isabel has relatively large eyes, that are a dark brown that appears nearly black under certain lights, with fairly thick, expressive eyebrows that she often uses to accentuate other expressions moreso than most others. Her small nose and mouth often make her look younger than she actually is, and often many believe that Isabel may still be an adolescent person. Isabel has long black hair that is fairly wavy, that she generally wears down except when in battle where she frequently ties her hair up in a messy bun.

Apparel & Accessories

Isabel de Soouza is a normally a rather flamboyant dresser, often using various customes in performances for her crews or in the various settlements scattered throughout the Tealestrian Sea nd Yulan Ocean. As a result she favors bright colors and often intricate patterns and styles of dress. Unlike members of her family, she does not adopt militaristic styles and favors a more native Leandran style. In battle she is more pragmatic wearing custom fitted armors made of leather worn over more practical, but still brightly color clothing.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Feminine: She/Her




Isabel de Souza received a fairly impressive formal education in her younger years, with training in literacy, mathematics, and philosophy, as well as receiving a basic education in theology later in her youth. She also, from her father got a practical education in seamanship and navigation. As she got older, she dove deeply into her religious studies education becoming a devout follower of Sion, the breaker of chains, though she preferred the feminine aspect of the deity, Sio. Pressure to take up the family business is perhaps the only thing that convinced her away from joining the priesthood. As an adult, Isabel pursued training in music and the arcane arts, and became a relatively accomplished practitioner of the bardic arts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

As a very young person, Isabel has not yet had the time to achieve as many great things as her sisters. Despite this however, Isabel's short lived career has been relatively accomplished. Isabel has successfully started, and continues to successfully operate one of the largest trade networks in the Tealestrian Sea and Yulan Ocean, distributing mana potions throughout the known world. Isabel has also been a very successful anti-slaver, having captured, and raided over thiry slave ships, and even bombarding a slave trading market in 2247. She is also the only one of the de Souza children to have mastered a magical art.

Failures & Embarrassments

Isabel de Souza is not without her failures however, she has lost more than a few fights against even relatively equal opponents. Her hot-headedness in certain situations has hurt her decision making. Isabel has also been killed in service at least once, relying on the relative wealth of the Black Fleet to come back each time. Most would consider Isabel to be an excellent merchant or smuggler, and much less effective at engaging in proper piracy, which wouldn't be normally be a problem for most. However, she is one of the main captains of one of the largest pirate fleets in the known world.

Intellectual Characteristics

Isabel de Souza is under most circumstances an extremely affable, friendly, and easygoing person. If one didn't know her name it would be difficult to suspect she even were a pirate. Isabel is generally keen to host dances on her ship, and play her own musical instruments. Unlike most of her family, Isabel is extremely pious, having become devoted to the Breaker of Chains, and this has become a major part of who she is. As a result sights of blatant injustice, especially slavery can drive her to a normally uncharacteristic state of extreme anger. Thanks to her training in music and bardic tradition, she is a relatively accomplished and skilled spellcaster, able to produce magical effects associated with the second and third orders.


Family Ties

Isabel maintains active contact with members of her immediate family, her sisters and her father. She is very close with them, especially her older sisters, and frequently visits them when able. As a somewhat less notorious member of the Black Fleet she can also see her extended family on more occassions than can her Ophelia, and Osvaldo, and only marginally less than Olivia. As the more trade and smuggling focused member of the De Souza family, she can frequently see members of her extended family while making port in Gallaca, and oftentimes brings them presents from Leandris.

Religious Views

Isabel was born a member of the Pandroi faith, and is a devout practitioner, probably the most devout among her immediate family. Her religious teacher was a member of the Aeillan tradition which she adopted. Isabel is a dedicated follower of the deity Sio, the feminine aspect of the Breaker of Chains, and is staunchly committed to the ideals of her deity. She regularly provides sacrifice to Sio, and frequently lives out the tenets required of her, hunting down and destroying slavers whenever she can find them. She is also generally fairly devout following the regular practices expected of a Pandroi follower.

Wealth & Financial state

Isabel de Souza is extremely wealthy as befitting a member of the de Souza family. Her estimated wealth is around fifty thousand gold coin in money alone. She also possesses more than one ship in her own name, including her own personal flagship, an exceptionally rare and very expensive ship, as well as a small fleet of much more innocuous cargo vessels, which all move goods for the Black Fleet in her name. Isabel generally spends a fair amount on her wardrobe and actively maintains a number of homes all over the Tealestrian region.
Chaotic Good
Date of Birth
27 of Astrofengiá AS 2226
Year of Birth
2226 22 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Mother died in childbirth
Torrejoven, Gallaca
Current Residence
Palacia Negra
Dark Brown, Almost Black
Black, Long, Wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light, Smooth
Pandroi, Sion
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Gallegan, Aeillan, Hadar, Common

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Cover image: Tropical island coastline scenic image by Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Character Portrait image: Isabel de Souza by Javak


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