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Independent Coastal Settlements

The sudden collapse of the Feloran population led to the abandonment of dozens of coastal settlements that have since been resettled by other races. These settlements are independent of one another and there are too many to list in their entirety here. The Tabaxi outpost of Hira't, the cosmopolitan Free City of Durst, and the Hobgoblin refugee camp known as Bastion, are the largest of these settlements. Their economy revolves around trade (and piracy) between the various settlements, being along much of the shipping lanes of the Dotharan Alliance and the edge of operations of Leandris pirates.
The largest of the three is Durst, initially a pirate cove that still maintains a reputation of lawlessness. It expanded in successive waves as elven and human generations after the chaos of after the collapses of the Aeillan and Feloran Empires turned to piracy to survive. Recently, it has somewhat legitimised, which has caused a shift to trading outside of the main North-South trade route between Felora and the Northern Continent.   The newest of the three, Bastion is more of a camp than a city, but it has expanded and built several permanent structures in the 32 years it’s existed. It is largely self-sufficient, though this is made easier due to the meager conditions for lower castes It is not very accessible to outsiders, aside from the merchants who make a good living transporting the constant flow of Hobgoblins to and from their occupied homeland.





Hira't was founded in 120 PE by Tabaxi explorers as a staging point for expeditions into the Daraman Rainforest. There is historical claim to the mouth of the Darna River by the Tabaxi. The settlement initially had a miniscule permanent population, but the number of Tabaxi calling Miral their home is around 700, and the rest of the population fluctuates drastically with the seasons. In 31 PE, the settlement signed a treaty with the Kingdom of Daramar. Since the Kingdom of Daramar has closed its frontiers, however, the town has grown more popular with tabaxi seeking to leave their increasingly exploited homeland of Leandris.


Though not technically accurate anymore, many still refer to it as the Pirate City of Durst, due to the city’s founders including notable pirates Jeremy Becker and Luilh’in Gaskabel, who, along with others, sought to establish a port free from the expensive and watchful eye of Til Formen’ya. The Dotharan fleet occupied the city in 420 PE and forced the arrest of the “criminal” members of the city’s governing council, and forced the remaining members to sign a treaty agreeing to abide by Dotharan trade regulations,


Driving out the Tortles and Orcs living in the space, a Fuírén General and her fellow exiled warriors created Bastion in 398 PE as a place for Hobgoblins who bristle at living under Orcish rule in the Terruk Mal, which defeated the Legions of Bavtem 3 decades ago. It is the remaining place where the Goblinoid Caste System is in force.

Demography and Population

Hira't is home to approximately 700 people, most of which are Tabaxi originally native to or descendants of those from Leandris. It’s population is mostly Tabaxi, with a notable presence of Tortles who followed the Tabaxi expeditions out of the rainforest. Around 600 people live on the island of Durst, with a smattering of races from around Galisea, perhaps dominated politically by humans and elves. No one knows the amount of people living in Bastion, as outsiders are generally not permitted beyond the immediate area of the docks, and the Hobgoblin rulers do not tell, however it is estimated that there are between 500-1,500 goblinoid people living in the city. In total the independent settlements are home to around 10,000.


The independent coastal settlements begin on the outskirts of villages inhabited by members of the Northwestern Orc Tribes, hugging the coast to the west. Miral sits at the end of the Darna River. The furthest west is Bastion, although there are more settlements stretching onto the Yulani Coast on the western edge of Felora. Most of this land belonged to the former Feloran Province of Tealastria and the western portions of Dothara, although some of the inland portions have been in tabaxi or tortle hands for longer.


Each of the settlements have their own militaries, if at all. Only Hira't has anything resembling a professional army, armed with a few muskets but mostly with javelins. Durst has many armed vessels in it's port, however none of them form a cohesive navy and can only be relied to defend together when their port is threatened. Bastion is in many ways ruled by the military, with a General at the highest position of power.

Foreign Relations

Each of the settlements attend to their own affairs. However, the three largest settlements each conduct relations that the rest generally follow one of. Durst maintains an independent attitude towards both the other settlements and the outside world, making alliances with no one and picking fights on an individual basis. It's reputation as a neutral, if rogue, city means it in turn has no enemies, although the Dotharan Alliance has flexed it's muscles there recently, as part of ongoing antipiracy operations.   Hira't is protective of the region, particularly the coastline. Despite the closing of the Kingdom of Daramar's borders, the Daramans have continued to honor the treaty with the Tabaxi stipulating their defense of the mouth of the Darna River in exchange for the continued flow of coffee beans out of the Kingdom. This has also made them a target of elements from Durst over the years, and the Tabaxi here have thus cultivated relations with the Dotharan Alliance for access to gunpowder weapons.   Bastion is hostile to almost all outsiders. No one is allowed beyond the immediate area of the docks, and they send no envoys to the outside world. Most foreign travel is in the form of ferries between here and their occupied homeland in eastern Galisea. Occasionally, Bastion has raided the surrounding area and smaller settlements for supplies, of in retaliation for the harboring of suspected lower castes. This has once resulted in a large-scale confrontation between Bastion and Hira't.

Trade & Transport

Miral is focused on sustaining the year-round flux of expeditions going to the rainforest and points beyond. Though Tabaxi and Daraman priorities have changed and there are few new explorers from the Home Island, enough interest from others keeps the town alive. The town is sought after by explorers, and by scholars with a penchant for adventure, as well as by entertainers in search of new material to weave into song or story.
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