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Filipe I Komesos de Isabeledo (/ fɪlipe komɘsos de i:sabɛledo/)

Φιλιπε Κομεξοσ Ισαμπελεντο

Filipe Komesos de Isabeledo, also known as Filipe the Usurper is the Philosopher-King of Troinae. Born into a cadet branch of the Kameoi Family, which had previously ruled as the Exarchs of Troinae, Filipe had grown up with the expection for greatness. His status as member of a cadet branch meant however, that he would be unable to take take the throne himself, and would be instead a political tool of the Exarch. Filipe was married at a young age, to Gallacan nobles in order to secure a business agreement with the Gallacan family. Using his Gallacan connections, Filipe built up a large mercenary army, which he used to throw a coup against the Exarchs and establish himself as the new Philospher King.   The reign of Filipe has been tenous as the traditional elites of the city do not like the prospect of being lorded over by a half-breed leading a mercenary army. However, they can do little as long as the mercenaries under Filipe's control are paid. Filipe, aware of this situation has routinely plundered the Kingdom to keep his treasuries full.