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Alexios VII Rauranos (/ eileksios rÉ’ranos /)

Alexios Rauranos, Seventh of his name is the current regnant Exarch for the Exarchate of Apepsos. His reign has been marked by strife as border pressures from Pro-Syroi peasants, and raids from Nikea have weakened the southern frontier in Apepsos, and intense Terruk raids have proven near catastrophic a number of times, held in check only by the skill at arms of the Peptid armies. To counteract these threats, Alexios has sought out the alliance of other states, particularly the powerful slaver states of Spathos and Polanis, and expanded the industrial capacity of Apepsos, particularly the core of the Exarchate which has, thus far remained relatively safe from attacks. The Hetairoi of Apepsos has however been called together in the capital as Alexios as Rauros fears the possibility of a dissident faction staging a coup on the palace and destroying the Exarchate from within.