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Vefcakian Houses

Vefcakians are prideful people who will not stand to be the but of a joke, they will train until they have mastered a skill and then move on to the next one. This perfectionism can also be seen in their architecture, Vefcakians also love art, and it shows in their houses. A modest Vefcakian house will be squat but wide, with curling flowery sculptures in their widows instead of glass (in the colder times of the year the widows can be blocked up so as to keep heat in). The inside of a house is generally filled with open space so that the occupants have room to practice and play without having to move tables and chairs. The fancier the house the more open and decorative it is, lower classes have no decorations, middle classes have window decoration, upper classes have inner wall decorations, and the royal palace has more art decorating it than most of the middle class houses in Vefcak put together.

Purpose / Function

Living and practice space for the occupants.


Most rooms in Vefcakian houses are large and open so as to let the occupants have room to dance, practice gymnastics or martial arts, or work out in. Each room is spacious enough to allow up to 3 people to participate in an activity without moving furniture.

Sensory & Appearance

Usually very open air and brightly colored so as to promote creativity and thought of the natural world.


As more art has been produced, more families can decorate their houses with paintings or other works of art.


White stone bricks are stacked to creat the walls, while a thick plaster holds them together. As a whole a wall or a house can be used as a canvas for a painting, a surface to bounce a ball off of for a game, or a sculpture waiting to be made.

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