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The Tale of Mordrigal

Years ago on the great planes a herd of barbarians and druids roamed the field day and night, they rarely sleeps, usually pushing 3 or 4 days without sleep just to show how tough they where. The group was unstoppable killing any monster that came into their grasp and picking the bones clean enough that vultures would starve. The group was lead by the great warrior Brosik, a female barbarian with the strength of 10 adults goliaths and a rage that caused even the greatest enemy’s to quake in their boots. On one day the group came upon a large cave that they hadn’t seen before, Brosik and a few others delved into the cave and found a massive tunnel system. When the spelunking party came back they couldn’t find the rest of their group, all that remained of the rest of the group was a bloody battle axe that belonged to one of the groups members. With only the twelve remaining members of the group Brosik convinced them sleep so as to make sure they where ready for whatever had killed their group. When the 12 remaining members woke in the morning they found a massive tentacled beast with a massive mouth and hundreds of eyes guarding the cave’s entrance. After 11 of the members had been killed Brosik stood, shaking and covered in blood. As Brosik took her final breath she let out a gut earl roar and charged the beast, killing it by thrusting her axe through the roof of it’s mouth and into its brain. But as the mouth of the beast fell shut Brosik’s shoulder and arm where caught inside and she bled to death from the wounds she had sustained. The creature is now know as a Mordrigal and no one knows if they actually exist.

Historical Basis

The group of barbarians was real, and they did suddenly disappear but no one knows if the monster is real

Variations & Mutation

Most of the stories are fairly consistent, although the monsters appearance is commonly inconsistent with other tellings.
Date of Setting

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