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The Wailing Mire

A kingdom that stood here long ago was washed away when powerful elven mages caused the sea to flow inland. The swamp gets its name from the thousands who died in the flood, many of whose spirits and bodies still wander the Mire. Travelers on the X road, which skirts the Mire to the north, must resist the urge to be lured into the swamp by bobbing will-o'-wisps. Countless adventurers have perished in the Mire, drawn by true tales of ruined castles half-sunk in the mire. These once noble estates are now home to lizardfolk, undead, and worse. The greatest threat to would-be treasure hunters is the ancient black dragon Voaraghamanthar. Voaraghamanthar is considered the undisputed lord of the Mire.

Mere of Dead Men cover
Coast / Shore
Location under
The Principalities of Imrand

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